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  1. Ah so its the check valve I'm missing..darn
  2. Thanks, can't see any hole in the fitting but have some spares so I'll check them out.
  3. Sorry I didn't make myself clear. I removed electric pump that previous owner had installed. I sourced a vacuum tank stripped and cleaned it and then fitted to car. As I said tank seems to run fine as far as pulling petrol from the tank but engine idles rough then tank is working and refilling. Seems to suck for about 10 seconds every minute rest of time it appears fuel is being drawn from the vacuum tank until level drops and then is starts sucking from fuel tank again. Stuart
  4. Replaced my electric pump and fitted a vacuum tank and car started first time very impressed didn't even really turn over just fired right up. But a question I fitted a fuel filter which has glass body and I can see fuel flowing and when fuel is being pumped (sucked) the car runs rough and almost stalls if idling but as soon as tank is full and vacuum shuts off idle is back to normal. Is this expected behaviour? Stuart
  5. Thanks, I have US shipping address which helps keep costs down.
  6. Did you mange to find one? I'm also looking. Stuart
  7. thanks so what I have is along the lines of the standard. Coin inside button would contact insulated button I just need to tidy it up a bit.
  8. I'm have a sudden burst of energy to get my 1927 Dodge Touring roadworthly. The horn button has been unreliable and I've pulled things apart but someone has been there before and I think I'm missing some pieces. Button is in centre of steering wheel. Has anyone pulled one of theses apart and has any idea as to what should be there? I have the button that someone has inserted a coin into presumably to bridge contact when pressed and the wire coming up centre of columns has a lot of insulation tape around a copper stud and it appears that when to push button coin contacts end of copper stud but its pretty hit and miss so I'm sure it wasn't built that way. Any photos, drawings or advice appreciated. Stuart
  9. I've acquired myself a vacuum tank but its missing the bracket that mounts it on top of the engine. Anyone got one for sale or failing that so good photos so I could fabricate one. I have a USA address for shipping to. Stuart
  10. I'm also after set for a 1927 Dodge Touring with Australian made body. Stuart
  11. I've checked out Ebay there's some tanks there for USD $200 which turns into $400 NZD (Average wage on New Zealand is $928/week) which is fairly expensive. I could probably suck it up if I could guarantee tank is in good working condition but what really hurts is selling charging another USD 150-200 Freight to get it here.
  12. Thanks will look at getting a pressure regulator but ideally at some point I'd like to refit a vacuum tank but hard to find a unit.
  13. At some stage the previous owner has fitted an electric fuel pump to the Dodge. While I'm always on the lookout for an original vacuum tank I'm not too hopeful. In the mean time I'm stuck with a Aitex E8011 pump. Seems to work ok but never shuts off. Runs at 5-8psi and there is an alternate model that runs at 2-4 PSI. Question I have should I replace pump with lower pressure unit or add a pressure regulator? I'm concerned it might be overwhelming needle valve in Carb. No obvious signs of fuel overflow but as I said pump doesn't seem to shutoff leave ignition on for 30 seconds and it will pump all the time. Location could also be an issue with manufacture recommending mount close to tank and pushing fuel through, currently pump is mounted in engine bay close to carb so effectively sucks fuel length of the car.