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  1. Thank you all very much for making an effort to make me feel welcome here. I am guessing my Buick isn't old enough. Thats just what I will tell the guy when he wants to collect money for dues, well maybe add a KMA along with the no way. Al
  2. 1962 Studabaker pick up. top 25 VW Camper bus. Studabaker Avanti Here is the radator over flow picture from drag chevy. Al
  3. Fire Bird. 8 years of labor restoreing it. Chevy Nova SS 1951? Chevy Drag car, Love the radiator over flow. top 25 Chevy Impala SS. top 25. Chevy Chevell SS top 25. Chevy Chevell. Note the front plate. 1963 Ford top 25. 1950 Studabaker commander first one I have ever seen at a show. Kiss Firebird top 25. Pontiac gull wing doors S10 chevy chassis and V8 Motor. top 25. 1957? Studabaker GT first I have every seen at shows. :D Al
  4. Midland Michigan Otis Wilson Memorial classic car show, Northwood University. Well classics are not all that showed up at the show. A dealer brought a 2018 Chevy Corvette to the show and got a top 25 plaque same as we did. There was also a 2002 Ford Mustang there and recived a Plaque, hey those college boy judges couldn't resist that batty eyed blond. In the questionare we were asked to fill out I stated when people who put a lot of love, sweat and money into a old classic car leave the show because trophys and plaques are given to off the dealer lot cars they will stop coming. This is our first plaque top 25. Our Buick is so shiny compaired to last years car. Upper left corner is the Make Model year and Owners name and mail town, below that is the window sticker showing selling dealers name and address (Michigan car). on the right is the Option 1 order sheet showing all options ordered and final price of the car. Yes the car was ordered Dec 18th 1984 two days before mother in laws birthday. Delivered Feb 2nd 1985. Top show winner was a 1966 Mustang convertible. One of the cleanest engine compartments I ever saw on a show car. 1962 Chevy Biscayne top 25. 52 chevy 2dr. ht. top 25. 67 VW Bettle. Chevy Malibu leaving in disgust. 1937 Ford dump truck Chevy Chevell top 25. 1972 Ford Maverick top 25 1974 Ford Bronco top 25 1928 Ford sedan. I love the door handles on it. Al
  5. Back in the day you could walk the line and find my itinals on every 3d car that had power windows and the vacum locks. Yes the 69 Pontiac GP had vacum locks a wad of hoses that ran across the inside fire wall to a spider then from there into the doors. two hoses to the switch and 2 hoses to the actuator. Al
  6. Working at Fisher body Pontiac in the late 1960s I was on a job with 3 other guys. I always left my itinals with a paint stick on the car I worked on so I could prove a screw up was not my car. Al
  7. Don't over look JC whitney, I got a cruise control module from there for our Le Sabre. Cardio had door rubbers too. I have got a lot of stuff thru Auto Zone, get a vetrans discount there. Al
  8. Beautiful car. if you take iot to shows bet you will bew like us and have the only one there. Isn't like the GS at all. Al
  9. I don't buy lottery tickets but have a sister in law who buys every one for their birthday one lottery ticket and one scratch off. I would if i were to win buy a building large enough and hire some talented people to restore cars for people. People like my self that have a old car they love but done have a $100,00 to restore it to like new. I would not care if the car was a old Henery J or a 64 Mercury Montclair. Even restore some ones old tractor would be great. Al
  10. No it doesn't look like this any longer. But still isn't as clean as when I took it to thr beauty shop. Painter guy gave me a can of tire cleaner and said just spray that stuff under the hood and wait about 10 minutes. I read the label and while the engine shows its 84,000 miles patina the air cleaner is still shiny once all the dust comes off. What do you use for a cleaner other that elbow grease and degreaser? Al
  11. The 1985 buick LeSabre check engine light is on about 90% of the time. it has the OBD I system so you short out the connector to flash a trouble code. 307 Oldsmobile V8 with 4bbl carb. It flashed a code 13 for me which is a O2 Sensor fault, the trouble code chart I found says I should get from 350 to 5 milivolts from thre ecm. I did have that so I bought a new O2 sensor and installed it. Problem didn't go away, still have the code interment. I don't have a trouble tree to see what else is involved I should check. Car seems to run just fine. No running rich smoke out the exhust and no residue on the spark plugs or O2 sensor. Any Ideas? Al
  12. I would take a chip to a good auto paint store and see if they can match the type (laqure or enamel). Many times they can fix you up with a rattle can of the paint to match. I also beleve the problem lies with the body filler, wasn't sealed properly. Al
  13. I just had our 1985 Buick converted last spring. I took it to a shop to have it done cost $85.00 if I remember right. they had to remove the small nipple conector and replace it with the bigger 134 nipple. Suck all the R12 out along with the R12 system oil. then add the 134 oil and the 134 refringent. Was well worth the money spent job was done properly, has a recharge warranty for 2 years. and the system was checked over while they were doing the job including the orfices. Al
  14. Color is orginal factory colors per the option sheet in the trunk. I have seen a 1984 LaSabre had the dark color on the upper area of thre car and light on the bottom like ours. I don't know why GM did it like that? Thank you so much for the reply!!!!!!! Al
  15. Need a left side (drivers side) 2 door Quarter window trim molding for a 1985 Buick LaSabre Limited. I believe the 1984 is the same willing to buy both sides also. thank you. Al
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