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  1. My bank will arrange a wire transfer ahead of time. They issue me a password, I call bank give routing info and password and the transfer is made.
  2. I basically agree with Ed. But would add that sitting through 20+ high performance foreign sports cars between each prewar Classic is painful for me. Prewar Classics were really an afterthought, thus I don’t think their auction prices mean much.
  3. Set up some cones, garbage cans, or whatever according to your measurements and see if your car fits.
  4. Southbridge Radiator Southbridge, Massachusetts they do antique car and truck radiators and fuel tanks. Been around a long time and claim to be " The best place to take a leak in town ".
  5. The 1923 Marmon Speedster brought $89,600 NOT $8,960 You about gave me a heart attack !!
  6. Here is one of the 3 signs I have It is aprox 3' x 2' and I think pretty cool.
  7. You are getting a lot of good suggestions. On line Hemmings is only around $12 and can be a good source. Don't rush the hunt it is a lot of fun and you will meet the nicest people. The right car will talk to you.
  8. The buses currently in service in Yellowstone Park have Ford F350 chassis and running gear to include automatic transmissions. I think Ford participated in this conversion which preserves the ambiance of the buses while providing the safety required for hauling people on crowded park roads.
  9. No was not part of Old Sturbridge Village. Was on Route 20east in what is now Boardwalk Place, a collection of businesses fronted by Bank of America. Closed around 1980. I have the signs which I discovered at an auction in New Hampshire.