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  1. Im sure the magazine is in some of my grandfathers stuff. He kept a complete record of the car from the day he found it all through the restoration. He even has photos of it with Johnny Cash and Missy from HeeHaw.
  2. I do remember seeing the AACA sticker on the Bradley GT that i bought from him. Ill defiantly look i to their research library. Thanks for the help
  3. Id like to thank everyone for their input. I will reach out to the Horseless Carriage Association and get there input. I may wind up donating it to a museum in the Birmingham area if they will agree to keep my grandfathers name on a plaque with it. Since it was his pride and joy for many years i think it would be a great way to honor him. I just want the car to stay in great condition and not be destroyed from sitting in storage. Once again thank you for the help.
  4. The car is in Birmingham,Al. It currently sits in my grandmother's garage. My Grandfather was Edward Todd and we was a member of one of the antique car associations years back but not sure which one. The photo i downloaded off the internet is the actual car but i will have to drive down from Nashville to take one in the garage. Im not attempting to sale it in here, im just trying to gather information in where to sale and how to determine its worth.
  5. Forgive my ignorance but i figured this was the best place to ask. Last year my grandfather passed away and left me one of his cars. Its a 1907 duer highwheel. As far as we know its one of 3 in the world and i believe its the only one that still runs. Nobody in my family can take car of a car liked that and i don't want it to sit in storage until it gets ruined. The car is so in excellent condition and i would like it to stay that way. So my question is where should i sale it and how do i determine its worth. Any help would be great. This is the actual car and how it still looks.
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