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  1. Hi Colin - I don't really want to part with it for sentimental reasons, but when I get a moment I will scan it and send a pdf, if that would be of interest. Tim
  2. Thanks everyone for your input. Having grown up with that creaky old vehicle I have had a special fondness for Packards ever since. (Somewhere in my piles of junk I have an original 1937 sales booklet. Very interesting.)
  3. Indeed so - and I have been in touch with the son (or maybe grandson) of Leonard Williams, who had no clear recollection of whether this might have been the case, or how it would have worked. I remember my father considering selling the car, and a smart young man in a suit drove down to Farnham from Leonard Williams in a shiny new Packard (don't know which model, it would have been 1956 or so) specially to consider taking it on for sale. As he came round the corner of the house his face fell. A well-used woody was not what he had in mind! God knows what my father had told him on the phone. The
  4. This 1937 Packard 120 was our family transport in the early 1950s - in the UK therefore right-hand drive. The bodywork looks different from other woodies I have seen in photos. Any idea whether this would have been original or a local job after import of the chassis into the UK? Pictured here in Italy, c. 1954. This was how our parents got away from us for a couple of weeks. The 120 tended to overheat while ascending the Alps, and the brakes were just about adequate coming down again. So I was told.
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