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  1. Hello Keith, I'll check next time I go to the warehouse. Haven't done nothing to it since picking it up. Get back to you soon.
  2. Hello Taylormade, I believe not that many people knew what exactly they were looking at, but it doesn't take more than 2 people who knows to engage in a bidding war and thus drive the price high. I believe I still got a very decent deal though. Thank you for the kind wishes.........I too hope I can locate the history of this vehicle and the missing rear end.
  3. Hello kmstrade and thank you for taking your time to respond to my thread, it would b fantastic if you could try to find either Mr. Ron Kneebone or any information on chassis # 7201. Mr. Ron Kneebone is or was a member of The Stutz club for sure, I found piece of information on the web, please see it here below: Description Mechanically identical to the Bearcat with the exception of an inside shift lever Recognized as a Full Classic by the Classic Car Club of America Long-term restoration by Stutz Club member Ron Kneebone AACA National First Prize; maintained and equipped for touring Proven on two Horseless Carriage Club tours since 2009
  4. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here in this forum from in Orlando, Florida area. I've recently acquired a really nice 1920 Stutz Model H 7 passenger at a salvage auction and unfortunately at these types of auctions there is no access to the seller who most of the time is an insurance agency and the history of the vehicle gets lots. This vehicle in question was a 2009 National champion at AACA and was restored by Mr. Ron Kneebone. The vehicle is still in excellent condition but it is missing the correct rear end with its transmission and that is where my quest begins. I would really like to know more about the history of the vehicle, previous ownerships, what happened for it to end up in a salvage auction in Virginia and the whereabouts of the rear end. The vehicle's Chassis # is 7201 I would REALLY appreciate any help and information from you all, perhaps someone here knows Mr. Ron Kneebone or even the previous owner. I also know that this year the vehicle was sold at a Classic cars auction in Texas, somehow it ended up in Virginia near Richmond area and then at the salvage auction. I will attempt to post a couple of pictures of it here. Once again thank you very much. For quicker response I can be reached at - or 407 466-8887