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  1. I am restoring a 37 Special Business Sport Coupe and am looking for a front grill strip. Do you happen to know where I can find one or do you reproduce that piece, by chance.
  2. Just one and never heard back, guess I wanted too much for him.
  3. Thanks, already heard from him through ebay, he doesn't reproduce or have the front curved stainless piece. Still looking, he gave me a couple more names
  4. Oh, thanks, that's good info. Was beginning to think I might have to get it reproduced.
  5. Make me an offer. Can't find one on line to determine what to ask for it. Buick club needs to have a show/swap meet down here in the AZ so I can find some parts.
  6. Need the top piece, plus the front curved piece, maybe being too picky but the cloisonné piece on ebay looks pretty rough. Not sure how you'd get that refinished.
  7. Not having much luck finding a couple pieces of trim, already checked Bob's, looking for the stainless 41.5" (hs-3740) hood piece and the grill piece (gs-37) plus the cloisonné badge. Any other suggestions?
  8. Appreciate the info, it's not the super8 emblem though, but the buick emblem on the front chrome trim piece, think it's actually stainless, looks like a coat of arms. Found a couple on ebay but they don't look to be in too good of shape, hoping to find something a little better. Thanks
  9. Looking for a Buick grill emblem in good shape, and suggestions?
  10. Looking for a Buick grill emblem in good shape, any suggestions?
  11. Complete and unmolested model 46 chassis. With straight 8, 3 speed. All original and complete. What's it worth?
  12. Gary, thank you, thank you for posting the disassembly of your 37. Couple questions, why didn't your sand blaster do the inside of the kick panels, why leave that fabric insulation material on the inner side? Can you get those cage nuts somewhere? Did you take the factory rivets out of the hood where the chrome vent pieces are, I didn't see them in the pictures. We plan to put a new chassis under this model 46 so we have the original, complete chassis with motor, trans available if someone knows anyone who is looking. We will need to have the speedo/gauge panel reconditioned, do you have a name of someone who does that? Thanks again for your postings, it has been very informative.
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