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  1. I managed to procure a copy of the 1965 Buick dealer's handbook '1965 Buick Features and Facts' - the final entry on the last page supports this.
  2. Shame it did not meet reserve. . The seller seems to be pretty experienced car restorer and/or seller, judging from her ebay seller feedback record.
  3. I agree the 63/64 would have been a stronger comparison. I also agree about the 'sameness' of various generations of cars, but at least these 60s designs are not the bland sameness of modern cars.
  4. Interesting, I had not considered the Continental at all. I do see what you mean about the 67 Impala, especially the front end. Still, I think the Mustang proportions; front to passenger compartment, and rear are closer to the Riv than to the Continental. Everything is somewhat derivative from something before, i.e Rolls Royce..
  5. Another car guy here, though I am very partial to mid-60s designs. When I bought the 65 Riv I was also considering a 65 GTO. Past cars have included a 63 Belair wagon with factory air and tinted glass, a 64 Impala SS, and a 68 Firebird Convertible. I have nearly pulled the trigger on a Mustang or two as well, especially California Specials, and the 67/68 Fastbacks. These all would be among my favorite designs.
  6. I have often wondered if the stylists at Ford borrowed a little from the First Generation Riviera's profile for the first gen Mustangs. Or to put it another way, could the Mustang style as we know it have emerged without the Riviera before it? To me the Mustang looks like a squared up and downsized Riv - anyone else have opinions on this or different thoughts? These are not my photos - taken from the internet, resized and enhanced.
  7. I am so glad you were able to save this beautiful car.
  8. Mine arrived in Australia last week and is off now to be framed.
  9. The cover from Chief Covers in Western Australia arrived today. The preshrunk cotton is somewhat weighty and is a really good fit. It also has two straps at the bottom for tying together when it is out in the wind, and the button hole for the antenna was perfectly placed. Sorry about the light but the weather is not good. Note The Tag is on the Front EDIT: With the antenna, I have decided to trial this new super soft antenna glove that doubles nicely as a car washing mitt.
  10. Nice one - the red really suits this year I think. I notice from her ebay feedback she has been selling cars for a while.
  11. Looks good from here - though I am too far away for a close inspection. Love the white interior.
  12. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and advice with this. I have decided to keep as close to stock as I can tolerate, and will go the option of having the original radio restored with the addition of an input for an ipad or whatever. All up including shipping the stock 65 original Sonomatic from the US this will be around $500. There is a local guy here in Geelong with a very good reputation who I will get to do the installation into the car when it comes back. At least I know it will fit.
  13. Thank you Chimera. 'fatbuick' Tony helped advise me through this purchase, and he explained this then as well. It is a bit surprising through 2017 eyes to see this was the least popular color. It is really striking, especially against the white interior.
  14. I had considered something like this, so thank you for the encouragement. I don't yet what I will do, if anything, as the car is new to me and I am exploring all the possibilities.
  15. Tim from Riv Central had a correct, for this car, Sonomatic that is on its way. I have been in touch with Nick King and will think about the options while I wait for the radio to arrive. The current setup is not much of anything, vintage 1980s or 90s,. Nor does it work.
  16. I like the analogy! Meanwhile I did find one image from what I think is a resto-mod from the UK. http://car-from-uk.com/sale.php?id=17921 I missed this one earlier as the front was in so much shadow. I enhanced the image in PS and added one of a 64 from a Hemmings find of the day for side to side comparison and comments/opinions.
  17. I had seen quite a few images on 63 and 64 Rivieras with added, presumably aftermarket fog/driving lights but a similar search for 65s yielded nothing. Has anyone tried this with success? It seems to me a pair of rectangular units appropriately placed could look quite good. Has this ever been discussed before?
  18. On the sale documents the car is described as 'NEW' though I don't know any more than this. I cannot find any place on the sales record for an odometer reading so its hard to say for sure.
  19. I did not think the 63s had the hood ornament. Did the 64s?
  20. This looks consistent with my sample. It appears that it has never been installed, the plaque still holding a removable paper backing that would probably reveal an adhesive back. I peeled the corner back for a look but whatever adhesive properties that were once there are long since perished..
  21. Thank you Pat. After further digging - see above - I am inclined to agree.
  22. Older thread I realise but this is relevant to my search. Can someone school me on the differences in the knobs between 64 and 65? I have seen a couple of photos of Riviera radios with the ribbed knobs but do not know if these are correct for the 65.
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