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  1. For Sale - 1932 Chevrolet Roadster - Completely restored. Located in Newton NJ. Asking $47,000. For more information, contact Jan Hendershot, or 215.630.7336.
  2. 1932 Phaeton Completely Restored and Judged (First Place, Spring 1991 National AACA). Located in Newton, NJ. Asking $55,000. Contact Jan Hendershot - or 215.630.7336.
  3. Please see the additional photos of the car. We were able to get a clear picture of the car plate but the motor number was difficult. My father''s notes indicate the below for your reference. Car Plate Serial Number - 269702 Engine Number on Gooseneck - B80727 Let me know what other information or photos, you might need. Jan Hendershot
  4. There have been several requests for additional photos of the phaeton automobiles. I have uploaded some additional pictures of the three vehicles.
  5. Thanks for the identification. Will add to our 31-32 parts.
  6. A 1919 Chevrolet 490. Garaged and running up to several years ago, prior to my father's death. Also have inventory of parts. See pictures - Not shown are multiple headlights. Inventory list is available. Car and parts are in Northwest NJ. Asking $11,500 for the car. Based on input from some helpful people on the forum and on location, we realize that the second parts picture is not 1919 parts. Please disregard. The other parts were labeled by my father and are 1919 parts. Based on this and other input, we are adjusting asking price for parts. . Parts inventory - $3500 - Car and parts inventory together $13,800. Hug
  7. Please see several additional pictures of parts. Please note that only two of the seven hood ornaments are part of the parts inventory. The five others are for the cars. Also, there has been limited interest in the package but interest in individual cars and the parts inventory, so if you are interested in an individual car or the parts inventory, please let me know and we can discuss pricing.
  8. The cars are located in Newton NJ, which is Northwest NJ. We have been advertising them as a package with the parts inventory - $375,000 but will entertain offers on individual cars or the parts inventory, if we can not sell them as a package over the next two weekends. We will have the cars and parts available for viewing, August 5&6 and August 12 &13. If you are interested in coming , please contact me, so I have the appropriate amount of people available for showing and will provide more location information. My contact information is or cell phone 215.630.7336. The parts inventory is extensive since my father restored the four cars and then continued to buy parts, when he found a too good to pass up deal. I am uploading pictures of the parts.
  9. Estate car collection of 1931 and 1932 Chevrolets with large parts inventory. 1931 Phaeton, 1931 Roadster. 1932 Phaeton, 1932 Phaeton, 1932 Roadster. - Two Cars, First Place AACA Senior Division Winners.