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  1. To help with slow operating windows there are/is a specific spray can (with tube) dry lubricant/s that should be used for the glass channels - can someone provide product suggestions please, and thanks !
  2. Waaay to Go Car Girl ! Excellent Post and In complete agreement....and looking for a low miles cream puff myself. Any nice 91 with a drop top or a hole in the roof will suffice, but my search also includes ....... another Select Sixty. Only problem to me is that high miles from Richmond Va may exist as I would have to drive the purchase home afterwards......
  3. Thanks for the information Folks. Sorry I just saw this - I also have not addressed the leak situation as yet. I used to get notifications when there was a post or an answer to a post - never do anymore - shucks ! I need to get this car back on the road - only car I have with a trailer hitch..... Thanks Again
  4. Hi Folks! I have a fuel leak on my 90 coupe. At the present time the coupe is not at my house where I can jack it up easily to see the location or where/what the leak is. It is not a small leak - is streaming out nicely as if under pressure from an area around the middle of the car and possible just in front of the rear wheels (a stream spraying towards the front of the car). I just read Barney's reply to the fuel filter location which apparently the filter is not my problem or situation since it is a coupe. Any ideas or thoughts as to what I have leaking before I take a jack to the location and attempt to get gas soaked myself please :)...... Thanks, Nic
  5. Grand Undertaking Sir.....I wish you Great Success, and Best, Nic
  6. Hi Folks, I have one of the larger 3" X 6" (for seniors) Great Call Smart Cell Phones. I can see that there are different ways to mount the cell phone in cars, but our Reatta apparently poses some difficulties. I don't think our heater-a/c vents are strong or tight enough for that type of mount, and I don't want to ruin the dash possibly by affixing a mount there. Seems to me like the only consolation would be possibly a windshield mount. Can some of you folks comment on my thoughts please. And if I am correct can you folks offer some suggestions of what mount and where to purchase please? Thanks !
  7. Hi Stanley, That is one grand looking automobile with that color combination - please keep it up and going and take some more of those fantastic dropped top summer rides - well worth it ! You have two great replies above ....from two of the Best on the site - I would think it would be a monetary decision. Ask folks on the forum or friends around/in your area for recommendations of more reasonable or more affordable labor. Best of Luck ! Nic
  8. Harry hit that ole nail on the head I am afraid.....Cold weather my be the current culprit - I have been driving my Select Sixty recently and sadly the IPC went black/blank the other day when I started the car. Now it came right back and displayed appropriately, but I am expecting difficulty. And I don't think usage or mileage (this car only has 46K origional on the clock) has anything to do with Harry above states - notorious . Possibly the cold weather shrinks weak factory solder joints and causes an/the open - just an idea.............. *And finally (been years since happened) I am getting intermittent notifications of forum activity again - only reason I knew about Enthusiast's post - Yeaaaaa..... Enthusiast - check with Jim Finn and see if he has a good IPC. If not some electronic stores that have a repair department may be able to repair - sadly not inexpensive
  9. In every case that I have had a problem with a CC it was the vacuum servo or vacuum control unit (under hood with vacuum lines.....forget the proper nomenclature without looking up). I would visit the local wrecking yard and purchase a used unit (inexpensive and easy to replace).
  10. Wal Mart has the following oil on a sales promotion : Havoline Himi 5W30 5-Quart Motor Oil for $14.97 I know nothing about oil chemistry/weights, and was curious if the high mileage ........and the 5w is a desirable combination for the 3800. At one point many years ago I was told to forget all of the hype..... and to just go with conventional oil, use a decent filter, and change per factory weights & intervals. Current thoughts please.... and Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the information - replies Folks.....glad to see Padgett posting - and Brenda ! I would have never left the forum for so long if I known you were still here. Thanks for the input Young Lady - hope to communicate more (Impressive credentials.......and an XJS - Extreme Envy ! ). Oh I don't know what happened to knock down my standing to "Newbie" - I was up there in numbers....anyone know how I can get it corrected please ? Thanks, Nic
  12. What are the most desirable spark plugs for our 90 and 91 models please? There are new plugs such as "Bosch IRidium" and "Double Platinum" and wondering if they are appropriate or worth the extra $ or maybe even harmful. Thanks !
  13. Hmmmmmm - confused. I am no where near a "newbie" - wonder what I have done wrong? Actually should have Senior Status.....
  14. VIRGINIA'S REQUIREMENTS AND RESTRICTIONS Antique Motor Vehicles and Trailers Antique and Vintage License Plates If you own a passenger vehicle, trailer, semi-trailer or motorcycle with a model year that is more than 25 model years old before January 1 of the current calendar year, you've got an antique! Depending on how you plan to use your vehicle, you may choose antique, vintage or any one of our standard license plates. Antique license plates are provided by DMV, while vintage license plates are original Virginia license plates issued prior to 1976 that you provide. Antique vehicles must be insured with motor vehicle liability insurance or you must pay the uninsured motor vehicle fee. Passenger vehicles and trailers manufactured in or after 1973 are not eligible to use vintage license plates, as DMV began issuing yearly decals for passenger vehicles and trailers in 1973. You will only be able to use antique or standard license plates issued by DMV on those vehicles. If you own a motorcycle, you may be able to provide vintage motorcycle plates that were issued up to 1976. However, if your motorcycle was manufactured in or after 1976, you must use either antique or standard license plates issued by DMV. Using Your Antique Vehicle Just For Show If you plan to use your antique vehicle or trailer solely as a collector's item, you may register your vehicle with antique license plates or permanent vintage license plates. Registering your vehicle either of these ways limits your use of the vehicle to: Participation in antique car club activities, exhibits, tours, parades, and similar events. Testing its operation, obtaining repairs or maintenance, selling the vehicle or trailer, transportation to and from events as described in number 1 above and for the occasional pleasure driving not to exceed 250 miles from your residence. Carrying or transporting passengers, personal effects or other antique motor vehicles being transported for show purposes. You may not use your vehicle for general, daily transportation. This includes, but is not limited to, driving to and from work. If you are providing vintage license plates, then the year embossed on the license plate must match the model year of the vehicle. In addition, DMV must inspect and approve the physical condition of the vintage plates. To register your vehicle with antique or permanent vintage license plates, DMV charges a one-time $50 registration fee. Use the Vehicle Registration Application (VSA 14) or the License Plate Application (VSA 10), and the Antique Vehicle Applicant Certification (VSA 10B). Your license plates will be valid for as long as you own the vehicle. You may not transfer your license plates to another vehicle, but you may surrender them to DMV and then register them to a different vehicle for an additional fee. Unless the vehicle was manufactured for one license plate only, you must display license plates on the front and the rear of your vehicle. Using the Antique Vehicle Applicant Certification (VSA 10B), you must also certify that you own, or have regular use of, another vehicle, without antique plates, for daily use and that the vehicle or trailer you want to register with antique plates can be driven safely on the highways of Virginia. If you have additional questions, you may find the answers in our Antique Vehicle FAQs. Using Your Antique Vehicle For Everyday Driving In order to enjoy unrestricted driving privileges in your antique vehicle, you'll need to either purchase standard license plates (not antique plates) from DMV or provide vintage license plates and register your antique vehicle for general transportation purposes. No matter which option you choose, you will be subject to the same registration requirements. So, remember, if you choose to use vintage license plates, just like owning a modern vehicle, you'll have to: Renew your vehicle registration every year or every other year (depending on whether you renew for one or two years), pay the same registration fee you would pay to purchase standard license plates. Display month and year decals on your vintage license plates. Obtain an annual safety inspection sticker for your vehicle. If you own another vehicle or trailer of the same model year, you may transfer your general transportation vintage license plates to that vehicle. Violations of the antique vehicle rules are Class 4 misdemeanors under Virginia Code Section 46.2-730 and will result in the revocation of your antique or permanent vintage license plates for a period of five years from the date DMV is notified of your conviction. Additional Information For more details about the use of antique or vintage license plates, visit Virginia Code Section 46.2-730 or check our Antique Vehicle FAQs.