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  1. hello Steve - I believe you and I have messaged before but I have a NOS Sonomatic and a Wonderbar in their boxes as kits. Message if you are interested. thank you, Chad
  2. The only flaws I see in the Chrome are that of mass production - pit and flaw free - of course the photos can not reflect that properly.
  3. Hello everyone - I posted this on this site roughly a month ago letting everyone know that it was for sale on Ebay. After selling a few items on that site and paying the fees I've decided to pull this one and cut out the middle man. As described this is a NOS radio kit that I had bought from a great guy in the 58 community with the intentions of installing it in my 58 Century radio delete car. I've changed my mind and have decided to keep the vehicle as is no radio. I've come across a few NOS radio kits over time - 1 of them being a NOS 58 Wonderbar kit ? that I still own but NONE of them comes close to how nice this is. If you'd like it I am asking $750 plus shipping BUT I am open to realistic offers - just this week someone on ebay offered $265 as if he was doing me a favor by taking it off my hands. That inspired me to cancel the listing and post it here. This is a beautiful item and looks great sitting on my shelf so I don't mind if it stays a conversation starter in my home but if you really need it let me know. Thank you PLEASE PM me with any questions.
  4. Hi Pete - I can probably help you - if you still need it I will look this weekend
  5. Hi guys I just wanted to show this to you - this is a NOS radio for the complete 58 line up - I just listed it on EBAYMOTORS - please let me know if you have any questions THANK YOU!
  6. According to Gene Reynolds(Mr58) all wheels were black and red was the only option -
  7. I have a complete 1947 Cadillac vacuum antenna kit - installation instructions,mounting hardware,vacuum hoses and the antenna all in the original Cadillac accessory box - the mast is straight and the chrome although not cleaned yet appears to be perfect. This might fit other post war GM divisions but I'm not sure.