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  1. thank you I had made contact with him before and totally forgot about that site
  2. I dont suppose you have a carter rxo carb do you?
  3. Hi im trying to get an email or website for forest chip sweet so I can talk to him about buying a carburettor from him. I do have a phone number but im in the UK. Stepj
  4. Hi, Im looking for a carb for my 1925 chevy its a carter rxo do you know where i can get one from please?
  5. hi im in the uk we have to buy the wire by amps here so im not sure what size they would be
  6. hi I have a 1925 chevrolet and im trying to find out what amps the battery leads should i would appreciate any help
  7. Hi Im based in the uk and looking for a carter rxo carb as the one I have has been repaired really badly. I doubt if I will get one here in the UK so what is out there please?
  8. Im not sure if its the carb we have had it running now but it wont rev properly and the choke wont work we are going to fit a later carb to test it . What parts do you have?
  9. we think the marks are incorrect we did get it running today but not for long, the engine timing we have set by using the tdc instead of the marks on the gears, we have set the points in the distributor so they open at the correct time and the rotor is at position 1 hopefully we will get it running properly tomorrow. Any help would be appreaciated
  10. Theres good compression ,fuel and spark the timing has been reset so many times but nothing seems to work.
  11. does anyone have a radiator cap for sale please?
  12. Hi im in need of help my 1925 chevy has had the babbits done,the pistons sleeved with new pistons and rings, the engine is now back together using the marks on the gears but we cant get it ro run, fantastic spark, fuel is coming through ok , we have tried changing the timing but nothing works, does anyone have any tips or ideas for me please?
  13. its a right hand drive . Ill need to get a wheel off and take some photos for the backing plate
  14. just as a thought I also need the front pulley wheel
  15. yes it looks like it. I will measure the space . I dont suppose you have the left front brake backing plate do you?
  16. Hi everyone, im looking for a few parts I need the left hand front brake backing plate, steering column then the cover that goes at the front of the engine and covers the timing chain , Can anyone help me please?
  17. hi sorry for the late response ive been ill, I didnt have the old one but was lucky someone local told me of a place that makes fan belts so ive manged to get it sorted now thank you
  18. Hi ive recently bought a 1925 chevrolet superior k its fitted with the 4 cylinder engine but the fan belt is shredded, does anyone know where I can get one from please? Im UK based im guessing I wont get one here.
  19. thank you thats saves me a lot of heartache.
  20. can you take the cover off? I would only need the centre block so I would have to make sure its the correct one for my car
  21. Hi do you have a price in mind for it and any idea the cost to ship to the UK please?
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