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  1. my email has bounced back so i hope you read this and can help me
  2. can you tell me how you did this and what parts you used please?
  3. thats very helpful thank you, we have the engine back together now and all seems ok we think the cam gear wasnt on tight enough so we have pressed it on then fitted it into the engine.
  4. Hi I have a 1925 chevrolet with the 171 engine the cam has around 1 inch of backward movement which doesnt seem right does it have a spacer /washer on both ends of the cam or just at the front?
  5. Does anyone have any bumpers for a 1959 desoto firesweep, they need to be in good condition cash waiting. The back is more important than the front.
  6. Hi, im in the UK does anyone have a title for sale please?
  7. thank you I had made contact with him before and totally forgot about that site
  8. I dont suppose you have a carter rxo carb do you?
  9. Hi im trying to get an email or website for forest chip sweet so I can talk to him about buying a carburettor from him. I do have a phone number but im in the UK. Stepj
  10. Hi, Im looking for a carb for my 1925 chevy its a carter rxo do you know where i can get one from please?
  11. hi im in the uk we have to buy the wire by amps here so im not sure what size they would be
  12. hi I have a 1925 chevrolet and im trying to find out what amps the battery leads should i would appreciate any help
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