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  1. thank you thats saves me a lot of heartache.
  2. can you take the cover off? I would only need the centre block so I would have to make sure its the correct one for my car
  3. Hi do you have a price in mind for it and any idea the cost to ship to the UK please?
  4. we have shopped around but we have so few companies here (UK) that will do it they can charge what they want. its with a small company just by me at the moment so he can see what he can do with it. We couldnt do it ourselves we dont have the equipment .
  5. thats a bit like ours its the cost to repair it a company here has quoted me £2100 to repair it and has said it will need machining after that at a cost he didnt know.
  6. its bad it goes across most of the block, i have a local company looking at it at the moment but we arent sure if it salvagable yet
  7. thanks everyone for the replies but I have other issues now s the block has a crack in it.
  8. I dont suppose you still have this?
  9. are you thinking of stripping it?
  10. Hi, today we had a problem with our 1927 standard to cut a long story short the timing gear has lost its teeth does anyone know where I can get one from please?
  11. I have a 1927 but the spark plug plate is missing does anyone have one for sale? im in the uk.
  12. I dont suppose you have one for a 1948 to 1953 chevy truck do you?
  13. thank you for your help I can now start finding a carb
  14. Hi, I have a 1927 buick standard and I need to change the carb to a downdraft set up. can anyone direct me to a manifold/carb set up that will work?