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  1. Ban the golf carts and get in a fleet of these. Local high schoolers can be paid to apply the motive power, and you can have the extra fun of preventing Sears high-wheel owners from removing parts off your ride.
  2. One of the other interesting GM contributions around this same timeframe was their "turret top" all-steel roof, doing away with the insert (yes, yes, Budd had the process in the 'teens, but GM made it practical). There's a lot of styling cues and technology leaps forward up to the Second World War.
  3. I noticed the "3E" series from NAPA would seemingly run itself down more quickly in the last few years of buying them. Running a trickle charger during winter to keep it topped off helped extend them noticeably. Batteries are one of those things like gas in the tank - you kind of need whatever works. I'm not running 1953 gas, either. Want to deduct a point for that too? Sure. Knock yourself out.
  4. One of the previous owners of the '53 Special I owned did an aftermarket button replacement, but he mounted it on the underside lip of the dash, to the left of the column - totally invisible when you were driving it. The guy I bought the car from never drove it, and just told me "The horn doesn't work." Not too long after I had the car, was going through it with a friend and he was looking at the state of some of the "back to the farm" wiring behind the dash. He asked me "What's this pushbutton for?" and the horn blared to life. I had my head under the hood, with the firewall access panel off. Can attest to the clarity of Buick's high and low tone notes; heard little else for about 5 minutes afterward.
  5. I wonder how long the advertising agency had to work before inspiration struck and they came up with that title? "Hey! Howza 'bout 'Miss Flammable Liquids Stationary Pumping Location?'" "Nah...too wordy. Besides, that title already exists in England."
  6. Just enjoy the ride, kids. Let's all commit to meeting on whatever version this forum uses in 40 years and see what language is in vogue then (I may be late, depending on the cryo-bed technology's "freeze-thaw" cycle).
  7. That photo of the vehicle put me in mind of the movie "The Rocketeer," with Alan Arkin's great comeback line when the lead asks him: How do I look?
  8. If you've never heard the tale, do a Google search for: "Collyer Brothers," and if that story and photo record doesn't spur you to clean your storage space, or if you think "that doesn't look so bad..." then seek some assistance. The story of the brothers is just tragic. People are so adaptable, that when you live with/around crazy for awhile, we start to think it's normal, or "not really that bad."
  9. “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”
  10. I would guess that show is restricted to Drop Tops only? And fender skirts frowned upon? 😉
  11. If this is meant to be a riddle, then my answer is: "To cover up the Nixon bumper stickers, which are covering the Goldwater bumper stickers." 😉
  12. A hot and sunny weekend in Alberta (which is code for: this could be all the summer we get, so go start the car now), and a lot of oldies spotted on the road. Did my part to help the economic recovery and filled the tank up.
  13. Compound fracture, protruding bone, calm demeanour, and clearly used to consulting for help after a calamitous failure? He must have been a Mopar guy.
  14. Kev: Don't listen to Grimy. Pierce Arrow enthusiasts are well known to be highly unstable personalities (comes from years of having to explain to the "common people" that "No, this isn't an English car!" 🤪). I'm kidding of course - you already know the drill about not using original hoses, and he's totally correct about the safety aspect around all this. I bought that original just for the fittings. It was as rigid and inflexible as an ex I dated...
  15. Kev: the part that (I believe) you're speaking about is the one in the attached photo (just for reference with fittings, etc.). Made originally by Weatherhead, part # 11209
  16. Welcome, Kev, to the wonderful world of the '53 Buick. Great car and the last gasp of the Fireball straight eight. As you dig into the vehicle a bit more, you'll see its quirks and mannerisms. One of the great things about the '53 Special is relative availability of parts, as so many were sold that year. Pretty sure that replacement floor pans are (or certainly were) available from a few vendors, so don't sweat over the floor as you have options for replacement/repair. Redo the braking system (as you've already indicated), flush the system, throw a blanket over the seats and have fun this summer. Attached is a photo from the '53 dealer's book showing your trim number and fabric (which is available new from SMS).
  17. Matt: mail him a printed copy of this entire thread. "Feedback is a gift."
  18. Everyone is too stressed out about the minutiae over what EVs will mean; don't fret - the market will make it as attractive possible for you to switch over, and then will hit you with all the fun "extras." Besides, it's all seemingly cyclical technology anyway. We should be talking about the return of steam...
  19. The new reproduction riser I ordered for the Special a few years back didn't come with the "damper" flap installed, simply for the reason of warm weather driving. The shaft can be worked out and you could put the damper onto the shaft, if you really felt the need.
  20. Seem to be missing several shots from this sequence. Sorry, Steve, I may have deleted them. I really liked your 2019 post where you took your chassis to the car show. Reminded me of this photo with the new V8 on display for all the prospective buyers to admire...
  21. Steve: Late to the party on this one, but just saw your battery tray posting. Had a few photos on my phone somewhere, but cannot find them at the moment. Have this one of the top assembly (if it's of any help to you).
  22. “Action in the North Atlantic,” hands down - but you have to look fast to see the car. But, speaking of vaudeville, George Burns drives a great Pierce Arrow in the movie “Just You And Me, Kid.” There are scenes where he takes out plastic traffic cones each time he parks, and places them on either side of the car, as a buffer. Obviously, this was intentionally part of the comedy: guarding a PA like only a Packard should be treated! (See below expression on George’s face: clearly still lamenting his decision not to trade in when he had the chance)
  23. The only advantage ebay had going for them was their platform, and the fact they were an early adopter of online marketing. I vote for upgrading the buy-and-sell pages on the AACA pages to make them more like eBay in appearance. I’d feel better about giving a cut of each transaction to support the AACA, rather then to supporting eBay’s “tyranny of shareholders.” (besides, I bet the moderators of this site would just love to get involved in service and goods disputes 🤪)
  24. I had the Special parked in front of my building a few years ago while I ran upstairs to grab something. When I came back out, an elderly woman was looking at it, and told me “My first and third husbands had these kind of Buicks!” As she was also looking at me with her “appraisers eye,” I thanked her for her comment, but didn’t linger.
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