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  1. Everyone is too stressed out about the minutiae over what EVs will mean; don't fret - the market will make it as attractive possible for you to switch over, and then will hit you with all the fun "extras." Besides, it's all seemingly cyclical technology anyway. We should be talking about the return of steam...
  2. The new reproduction riser I ordered for the Special a few years back didn't come with the "damper" flap installed, simply for the reason of warm weather driving. The shaft can be worked out and you could put the damper onto the shaft, if you really felt the need.
  3. Seem to be missing several shots from this sequence. Sorry, Steve, I may have deleted them. I really liked your 2019 post where you took your chassis to the car show. Reminded me of this photo with the new V8 on display for all the prospective buyers to admire...
  4. Steve: Late to the party on this one, but just saw your battery tray posting. Had a few photos on my phone somewhere, but cannot find them at the moment. Have this one of the top assembly (if it's of any help to you).
  5. “Action in the North Atlantic,” hands down - but you have to look fast to see the car. But, speaking of vaudeville, George Burns drives a great Pierce Arrow in the movie “Just You And Me, Kid.” There are scenes where he takes out plastic traffic cones each time he parks, and places them on either side of the car, as a buffer. Obviously, this was intentionally part of the comedy: guarding a PA like only a Packard should be treated! (See below expression on George’s face: clearly still lamenting his decision not to trade in when he had the chance)
  6. The only advantage ebay had going for them was their platform, and the fact they were an early adopter of online marketing. I vote for upgrading the buy-and-sell pages on the AACA pages to make them more like eBay in appearance. I’d feel better about giving a cut of each transaction to support the AACA, rather then to supporting eBay’s “tyranny of shareholders.” (besides, I bet the moderators of this site would just love to get involved in service and goods disputes 🤪)
  7. I had the Special parked in front of my building a few years ago while I ran upstairs to grab something. When I came back out, an elderly woman was looking at it, and told me “My first and third husbands had these kind of Buicks!” As she was also looking at me with her “appraisers eye,” I thanked her for her comment, but didn’t linger.
  8. The fuzzy dice we know today are apparently an extension of a good luck ritual performed by fighter pilots in the Second World War. Hung them above their instruments for luck. Tradition carried over when they got back home. Has nothing to do with what make of car “should” or “shouldn’t” have them. Personally, I think the restrained layout of this Chrysler’s dash is complimented by the added dice - brings a little life to the otherwise sterile cabin 😉
  9. A ‘41 Special on offer, priced in our obscenely low Canadian “currency.” https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/nanaimo/1941-buick-special/1544130046?undefined
  10. The Breakers is the kind of place people go to when they want to be mistaken for someone important. Besides, the gold leaf used on the frescoes is only 16k, not 18k; falling standards.
  11. Actually, we’re in alignment with our thinking. My point was that for the bulk of people, it’s up to screwballs like us to show them these machines are nothing to be “afraid” of. There are always people (like all of us on this forum) who lean to the past, but many people do not - or simply don’t have the opportunity to. My cars were already 20 years old when I was born, but like you, I was always drawn to past design.
  12. Perspective is part of the issue; remember that 1940 is now more than 80 years ago, and that layer of living memory is unfortunately thinning. It’s not just cars, either. Everything from that time is subject to the same effect, like watching waves take away a bit more of the sandcastle with each sweep. When much of the first-hand experience is gone, then the object (car, telephone, tube radio, etc.) becomes more of a historical curiosity (“Look at that thing! Can you imagine using that every day?”) - it’s recognizable, but no longer really familiar. When the personal memory/nostalgia
  13. “Holy Dyna-Flash, Batman! We’ll never be able to catch that Buick 8 with the Bat-Merc-Mobile!”
  14. That little uptick in deaths in ‘34/‘35 is interesting; wonder how much the repeal of Prohibition played into that.
  15. The Hagerty article is pointless, as you rightly observe, Bernie; a smattering of Wikipedia tech history with a few additional sentences of sweeping condemnation. Falls under the “I owe one more piece before year-end and have to get something out the door” kind of writing. Yawn.
  16. Under the “Life Imitates Art” category, this ad was posted this past Friday. I sent a message to the guy, asking for some more photos and some basic info, but nothing back as yet. I’m only putting an offer in on the car if the guy in the photo comes along with it, as a resource (I’m presuming by the authoritative way he has grasped that door handle, he’s clearly the restorer). https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/edmonton/1933-buick-mclaughlin/1539525079?undefined
  17. The battery is still hooked up, which is great. Guesses on how many cranks before she starts up? I say three, tops. (was going to say “how many cranks before she fires,” but with all the detritus in that engine bay, “fires” may be a bit close to the bone)
  18. Perhaps Jay thought Conan O’Brien was in the other car...
  19. Speaking of Eugene Levy, this skit from SCTV kinda encapsulates every bad car sales pitch going...
  20. One of the very best architectural tours I took was in London on one of my first trips there (some decades ago now...), and it was one that showed the worst and most wretchedly designed buildings in the city; the “brutalist” school of architecture. Some of the things are so ugly, so utilitarian in the bleakest way, that they almost become attractive in their own right. Of course, the great thing about London and other ancient cities is that they have plenty of truly beautiful structures to more than balance out the ugly stuff. My city has a difficult time seemingly preservi
  21. Aaron: Does your Special have the longer hood guide pin and upgraded latch? I changed out the originals on mine to the “upgraded” ones outlined in the Buick Service Bulletin book, and there was a noticeable fit and alignment improvement afterward. (and slathering the hinges with lithium grease helped too)
  22. Worst part of any restoration is when you make the fatal mistake of complimenting someone’s car at a show (remember car shows?), and then get trapped into listening to a detailed account of all the problems they had along the way; I call these guys “fun sponges” - just waiting for any opportunity to wick up any happiness. Book of Job, anyone?
  23. It’s also possible that there’s seemingly less new/general traffic because I’d guess that 85-90% of material that’s posted here has been asked and answered already. There’s only so many “my headlight switch doesn’t work” mysteries to solve, or carb issues to diagnose. All grist for the mill, but seemingly not much new under the sun when it comes to general repair and tuning conversation.
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