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  1. Lots of great info here as always...  I cheated and had mine mounted at Universal Tire.   Only regret I have is I did not request that they have all tires mounted the same, with lettering oriented opposite valve stems. Mostly for looks, . . Thats just me. .....

  2. Hi mark... In your picture with the arrow pointing to the small tab above the rear door striker, im confused... You say you are going to trim that ??... that piece is supposed to be there.. unless i read it wrong..... .     Looking good so far... Oh yeah, its 92* in PA today... And humid... Ill settle for somewhere in the middle.... 65* would be nice..... John

  3. Possible... Listening to video makes me think external issue... Not necesarily internal... Hesitation of starter engaging is key... perhaps someone else who hears your video can help diagnose... Good sound quality there... Anyone listening out there ??.... I'd wait for another response before you begin taking things apart.... Might be something simple we are overlooking...



  4. Sounds like you got starter problems... Is starter mounted straight ? Maybe starter gear shaft bent... Listen under hood to pinpoint noise....sounds smooth running but clicking seems to be something else in there.... Keep us posted of your findings... John

  5. It has been over 1 year since my 53 4 door went to the painter... My patience has been tested many times over these past few months.... However... Today I was pleasantly reassured that the end is near..!!... Color has arrived !!!... Its only a sample of things to come.....but,... The end is near !!!...... Yay !!!!... Hopefully soon I can give updates as the reassembly begins... Not much to see but for me, a big deal.... Check out the bottom left corner... Paint code 5307..... This card spray out was a good match for my attempt at painting the fire wall many months ago.... A nice uplift in these trying times... Hope you all are well... Stay safe.. thanks for looking.... John



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  6. All good there, Mark. No matter what order pics are.. thats my next project if i ever get car back from painter !! I vaccumed my liner first.. got rid of all fuzzies that you were breathing.. wish i had it... Since we are both at same point on interior work we could swap ideas.. John

  7. April 6 was 1 year since we moved it to the paint shop... I guess most painters have suffered from to much exposure to fumes over the years... SLOW... But the price was right... Heres all I have for now, as of two weeks ago.... 2 coats filler primer... Blocked between each..  minimum filler on this car as I spent many hours (months) tapping out any imperfections... Not perfect, but not bad for my first one... Painter says wet sanding next and then color..... Sorry for no updates, but nothing to report.. stay safe..... John



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  8. I am going with the book pressure of 29 After 1 year l see no wear on my 5 new 7.10x 15s at all !!!!!!.... might be cause they are still not on the car.... Painter has the car over a year now and not finished yet. Not happy...  Wish i could be of more help.... Wishing all a safe day... Hopefully this lockdown will soon be over......

  9. Hi Phil... Heres the best I can do on short notice, as I am conducting corona research..... The piece in question looks something like this.. you may have to adjust side notches to match wire thickness. Also the edge is flared to match the piece you have to prevent chafing on wires.. hope this helps.. John



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  10. 2 hours ago, carbking said:

    BEFORE buying a different carburetor:


    Take the airhorn off of the existing carburetor.

    Use a paper towel or rag, and remove ALL of the fuel

    Put the airhorn back on the carburetor.

    Find a ketchup or mustard squeeze body, empty the food? contents, clean, and fill with FRESH gasoline.

    With the squeeze body, fill the carburetor through the bowl vent.

    Now try starting the engine again with starting fuel.

    I believe it will start, and idle about 10~15 seconds on the fresh gasoline.


    If it does, drain the tank.


    And as Bloo stated in the post above, if you must have a different carburetor, KEEP your old one!



    When you had the carb apart, did you remove the mixture screws and clean the needle end ? Reset them to 1 3/4 turns out from closed position. Sounds to me like you may not be getting idle fuel.   Did you use any air to clean passages out...? Only takes a speck of dirt at the wrong spot to block fuel...