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  1. Beemon, Nothing is a direct fit. I used one from a big Pontiac because it rotates the right way but you have to do some machine work, nothing complicated. Use the gear from the Buick. Ben, I'll post some pics when I figure out how to do it.
  2. An MSD from a big Pontiac can be modified to fit with a little machine work.Use the gear off of the Buick distributor. I'll try to get some pics posted soon.
  3. I've built a couple of big series straight 8 with a lot of help from a lot of people who know more than I do. Used tp participate on old TeamBuick forum until some guys started writing about things they didn't know about. Hope this one is from experienced builders. I built- with Gerry Duttweiler's know how- a '38 Century with a positive displacement blower, it ran a little over 140 at Bonneville and came apart because the dyno guy forgot to reconnect the vacuum hose from under the blower to the power valve. The car is all over the record book at the ECTA site at Maxton. Can also see a Youtube video of Scrap Iron @ Maxton- if any one cares, The engine made 488lb ft of torque and 316hp at the wheels.Ran a Tremec with a 9" ford rear. The car I've enjoyed the most is a "41 Roadmaster with a modified straight 8.. We're active in the BDE, which is about as much fun as you can have.The mods are just old fashioned hot rodding. It runs a pair of 1&1/8 venturi Strombergs on the original Buick intake, home made headers, shaved head, ported,bored, bigger cam, MSD distributor, full flow oiling and a Tremec 5 speed. The car has A/C and I had problems keeping it cool(I live on the Ga. coast) even with a big aluminum radiator until I installed a Davies-Craig electric water pump.The pump is magical, a little computer runs the thing and it varies both pump speed and elec fans. Next step is FiTech Fuel injection. I'd like to hear what others are doing the old engines. SCRAP IRON