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  1. Made a little more process. Stuffs slowed down a bit. Pregnant wife , family car died all that stuff to deal with. Got all the major painting done and the doors hung on. They aren't lined up or anything yet. Probably not going to get too much more done until after Christmas .
  2. I couldn't find a rebuild kit to do it myself so I sent it to lares .
  3. Its not letting me upload multiple pics at a time.
  4. Got the steering all rebuilt. One more small step done.
  5. The body is painted and 4 coats of clear on. Once its cut and buffed its gonna be sweet
  6. Finished all the body work. Got it all apart and its paint time ! Here's a sneak peak 1st coat going on.
  7. Anyone have any opinions / experience with speedway wiring harnesses ?
  8. Yeah original style. I found a template thanks though.
  9. My 57 didn't come with side mirrors. There's no mounting spots or anything. I bought some new mirrors and want to get the holes to mount them drilled before I paint the car. Can anyone give me some pics of where exactly they go and maybe a measurement from a reference point or something. Thanks.
  10. Haven't posed in a while still plugging along on the body work. Its almost all done now. My family car Taurus SHO blew a turbo so had to take some time off the Buick for a bit. I ordered all the weather striping , chanel runs , window seals every rubber part on the car that wasn't cheap. Was hoping to be painting by now but got pushed back a bit when falimly car died. Bit more sanding and shaping then I'll primer it again block sand final time then finally paint time !
  11. Wasn't that bad. Into it about $200 for all the copper stuff.
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