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  1. Doodle Buggers Is anyone working on or restoring there little scooters ? I had finished mine in March, but the weather has been snowy and rainy so haven't had a ride yet. I haven't even put gas in it yet. Since March I have resumed work on my long time project, a 1956 Ford station wagon. It is about 2/3s done. I really need to put gas in the Bug and get it running, The engine is fresh and I have run it on the bench and runs good except it hesitates when given gas. The carb has been gone through completely and I have another original carb that I have tried with the same results. I have timed it with the head off and bringing the piston before top dead center, measuring to factory spec. I think is 1/4". If anyone has a thought I would be grateful. thanks Jonnyd
  2. Shelly How is the hot rod Doodle bug coming, any pictures. Jonnyd
  3. Shelly I meet a fellow at a scooter and motorcycle meet in Humboldt Iowa a few weeks ago that sells parts for and rebuilds Doodle Bugs. He may have some new or used parts you may need or some good information to share. His name is Jim Juon cell #515-460-3854. It looks like you are missing the kick stand that could be handy while parking and some controls for brakes and throttle. Just a few basics and you could be up and hot rodding. Jonnyd
  4. Shelly, Have you found any more parts for your Bug? It looks to have been striped down and made into a little hot rod. What is your plan, build a rider or restore it? I restored mine and now I don't want to scratch it. You do have some important parts, frame, wheels and jackshaft. Scooter Man may chim in and have some good info and questions for you. Have Jonny d
  5. Very nice scooter Matt, It is probably a very small market and is a nostalgia trip for most. There are a few in museums that are well restored. It maybe the peak has past on these little gems and we may have to lower are expectations. I may have to just ride mine and enjoy it. I have a line on another Bug in a friends rafters, its been there for a long time, but may have to rethink getting it. Jonny d
  6. Back from Humboldt Iowa swap meet, I had brought some things that were related to scooters and cars to sell or swap. I had my Doodle Bug along and put a price tag on it to see if there was any interest. Lots of lookers but no offers or great interest. I did sell or trade every thing else. Had a table next to another Doodle Buger and horse traded a few things with him, he makes and sells parts for our Bugs, very nice fellow. Looking forward to the fall Doodle Bug Reunion. Jonny d
  7. All done, well very close. Just the fuel line, Hiawatha badge and a few other details. I hope to take it to Humboldt Iowa if the weather cooperates. It has a few details that are not correct like the top strip on the front fender. I have the strips pointing in the same direction, doesn't it look like it's going faster this way ? Ha Jonnyd
  8. I purchased this scooter at an estate sale in Minnesota. A friend of mine was helping with the sale and knew I had a Doodle Bug as kid and asked if I might be interested. Guess what, I bought it. I paid a fair price not cheap and not crazy ether. It had the frame, wheels with bad tires, handle bars, both fenders and the original 710ALSB Clinton engine with kick start. No controls, kick stand, jackshaft, gas tank or mountings. The frame had been badly black powder coated. Have since done every thing to get it into as close to original running condition as possible. According to Jim Juon , Vern ?, and Jim Kalua it is an original B model. It had the Hiawatha emblem but we could not fine the other badge with mdl info. This pic it the current status .
  9. Frame is now sand blasted, primed and painted red. Hope to have together for the Bike-Scooter meet March 22 ? in Humboldt, Iowa
  10. Thanks for the tip, I have contacted Fox grip and waiting for a reply. In the mean time I have painted my side panels and a friend has a striping tool he will let me borrow. I will wait a while for the paint to cure and do some practice striping. I have also taken the handle bars and front tire assembly apart. I have straightened the handle bars and tweaked the fender and are ready for paint. Wheel bearings are new as is the felt. This has been a fun indoor project with our cold winter climate here in MN.
  11. Does any one know where to find the white coke bottle style grips for my 1946 Clinton Doodle Bug? I think Fox Grips has made them, but can't locate the company. Epay has all other kinds except these. Thanks Jonnyd
  12. Thanks for the very useful info. I have an original left side panel form a Model B I picked up at the 2018 reunion. It has the hole for the choke wire or rod? I used it for a pattern for both sides and was handy for locating all the original mounting slots and choke hole locations. It must be interesting to start a cold engine, holding the brake with one hand, pulling the choke with other and kicking it over while standing on one leg. Jonny D.
  13. Thanks for the kudos, your scooter looks awesome. Mounting the tank higher hides some internal components and cleans up the look from that point of view. Jonny D
  14. Thanks for striping info. I finished painting the fuel tank and have it temporarily mounted. My tank mounts do not look the same as other Model B units but fits nice and fills the gap at the back of the seat. The tank also sits hirer and may help with fuel delivery when fuel is low. Vern at the last Doodle Bug meet in Webster said it was upside down like the first picks sent. I need to know how wide the stripping is on the side panels and are there decals of the BUG on both sides of the panels on the Model B, and should there be Cinton decals on the sides of fuel tank. I know the frame should be red and will be eventually. Jonny D.
  15. Thanks you for this sight and all the information contained here, it has really helped. I have pretty much finished mocking up my Bug and now making some new side panels. I am now going to taking it all apart and paint and detail things back to as close to original as possible. My question is about the white striping around the edges of the side panels' are they paint or are they done with tape and also the striping on the front fender. thanks, Jon D.