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  1. Thanks Lance I really appreciate you taking the time to investigate and report on this.
  2. Thanks Lance I would really appreciate if you could measure the unit you have. Could you also let me know how it is routed so I can plan the install. Thanks again
  3. Hi Lance Before finalising the dashboard reassembly, I've taken the clock and instrument cluster to be repaired and recalibrated. The team at the instrument repair shop had some questions regarding the temperature gauge. The questions were: - How long is the tubing from the instrument cluster to the engine? - is is a male or female fitting at the engine end? I'm hoping you or the members will have the answer as I haven't been able to find any specific information on this. Based on the limited literature I found online, the location for the sensor is meant
  4. I bought the car from a private individual rather than a dealer organisation. The general presentation of the car was relatively OK, albeit I had to get the gearbox rebuilt pretty much straight off the boat. So the seller is not on my Christmas card list. Please keep the photos coming Lance!
  5. Originally mine was Dover White top and bottom. After a small accident I discovered at the repairers that the scumbag in Illinois had sold me a car full of bondo to make it look good for sale. Hard to do anything about it from Australia, but I couldn't leave the old girl in that condition, so 2+ years, several heartbreaks and lots of Dollars later we're getting ready for paint. I brought the car back to bare medal to ensure what goes on it will stay on it. Now waiting to see if my colour choices are going to look as good as I hope they will. House of Kolor special mix silver on
  6. Have you decided on the colour?
  7. Thanks Lance Please keep the updates coming. I'm currently on a very similar journey with my 75R. Your posts serve as a great inspiration.
  8. Hi Dee I'm looking for quite a number of parts for mine (75R) as a result of an accident. Inner and outer front guards front bumper, rear bar center and fuel tank to name a few. I'm particularly interested in a set of front and rear seats. Do you have these available?
  9. I was recently in an accident with my car and now need to find some spares to get it back on the road. The list from the repairer: 57 Buick Roadmaster 75R; 1. R/H Sill - inner and outer 2. L/H Sill – inner and outer 3. Front bar centre 4. Radiator support panel 5. R/H Top ball joint 6. R/H Bottom ball joint 7. R/H Front guard 8. L/H SS Lower rear quarter cover 9. R/H SS Lower rear quarter cover 10. Brake master cylinder kit 11. L/H Front guard 12. Rear Bar 13. Front grille
  10. Thanks coupekid, The car is currently at a gearbox specialist where the Dynaflow has been disassembled. It can be rebuilt but needs a huge list of parts, including hard parts. It may have been cheaper to just buy a replacement unit, but availability seems to be the issue here. The unit for sale on Craigslist may be a little risky to ship all the way out here to find it may need something similar. I really appreciate the time you've taken to dig up the advert. If anyone hears of a gearbox for sale please point them my way.
  11. Mark, Do you still have this gearbox for sale?
  12. Hi Guys, I bought a 57 Roadmaster 75R from a guy in the states and unfortunately it has arrived in Australia with gearbox so bad that it's almost better to find a replacement than to rebuild. Would anyone have any information on a rebuilt unit which would fit? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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