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  1. Thanks for your replies. They are reminders that the speed limit in PA used to be 50 MPH, and that was on paved roads. Prewar cars didn't have anywhere to go over that speed, so the cars were made to cruise on the available ones. I hope to move to the country in NW GA, where the speed limits are 45 mph, so either car has enough power to keep up with traffic. I would use the Avanti or TR6 to go on the Interstates. TomF.
  2. Could someone tell me what comfortable cruising speeds are for the 115 and 120 models? By comfortable I mean the cars will not start to buzz and vibrate, or overheat.
  3. I really appreciate the answers provided to my questions. I have learned more about what NOT to do than what TO do. If I want to have a metal barn on a lot in Polk County, I must buy a lot zoned A-1 for Agricultural use. Here's the type of barn I'd like to get: I checked the zoning rules for the adjoining county, Haralson, and found the rules for R-1 to be less restrictive: Polk and Haralson counties are 50 miles west of Atlanta, and have missed the movement of people from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt over the past 40 years, due to the lack of high-paying jobs in the counties. The median family incomes are $43 - $45 thousand a year. Rural land cost $6,000 an acre 5 years ago, but it has dropped to $5,000 an acre. Here are the reasons to get a bigger garage: Here's a nice house on 8 acres: Thanks for your help.
  4. My goal when I get rich is to move out in the country to a house on a 1+ acre lot and have a 40 x 60 metal barn built to keep the cars in. I have looked at the building codes for Polk County, GA. I have found some trouble with this plan: "The area of the accessory building's footprint may not exceed 50% [of] that of the principal structure". I expect to live in a house no bigger than 2000 sq. ft. Houses that are zoned A(gricultural) don't have this limit. Has anyone on this forum ever run into this problem? Is there any solution besides buying a house zoned as Agricultural, with a lot of labd that I won't use?
  5. Thanks for the info. The car was a '39 Plymouth Trunkback.
  6. In about 1960, my father had a 1935 - 42 4-door sedan that he drove for a year that was at the last 3000 miles of its life. The trips he took were no longer than 5 miles at a time. The car was not a Ford, and kind of looked like a '36 - '39 Chevrolet. The neat feature was the round speedometer. The needle had an arrowhead on the end, and at night the arrow would change colors depending on the speed- green, yellow, and red at 50 MPH. This was very impressive to me at age 10. I am now looking at pictures of prewar cars to identify it, but can't find any speedos with this arrow feature. Chevrolet speedos don't look like this one. Can anyone identify the car? AMT was in full process of making 3-in-1 kits of Fords, so I knew what they all looked like.