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  1. Simple question for the technical gurus here: My mechanical advance weights are worn. The hole they pivot on is elongated and oval. I want to replace them, simple enough. The question is, will any GM (non HEI) advance kit work, or is the odd fire 198 V6 a specific part? I do have the Pertronix Igniter 1165 electronic ignition kit currently installed. Your knowledge sharing is very appreciated,
  2. I did see this one. The body is great but the engine and trans are shot. It is being sold by the original owner's daughter. We have had conversation as to what it would take to get it back to a daily driver again. She is just asking too much based on the mechanical issues, but again the body is real nice.
  3. It IS the one from RackingJunk.com that "auburnseeker" posted. I was already taking to the seller before I posted the thread. It was great to see the support from the group with all the other options. After much back-and-forth, I made a weekend trip out to Ohio to see it. The seller represented the car well and honestly and appeared to be a straight shooter. He also had a '62 Skylark hardtop 4-speed in the garage with it. Looked over the car top, bottom, inside, and out. Took it for a drive. We negotiated a deal and I brought it home. The condition is pretty good. It is solid. It had some
  4. Scott, Thanks for the post. You have given me quite a bit to think about here. The 62 Special Deluxe V8 4Sp fits exactly my search criteria. But it is the amount of bodywork I am worried about. I'll keep you in mind for sure. -Rex
  5. Sent my guy to check it out. It is an original car being sold by the daughter of the original owner. The body is great, mechanials need work, plus the engine has been overheating for 40-50 years. Major engine work needed. Not a 16k car but a good second choice. Thanks for post.
  6. Two things I have learned over the years, one is that listings are never what they seem, and two, people almost always think their car is worth more than what reality dictates (they assume the condition is better than reality). A tough one to explain also is in the end Sentimental value = $0.00 Thanks for the post. I think I have one picked out, but, Send more if you come across them. -Rex
  7. The listing must be wrong, that is not the 1962 body style.
  8. So far I have 4 possibilities, 1 in Ohio, 2 in Illinois, and 1 in Washington State. 3 are base models and one looks like a deluxe (waiting on confirmation) and so far 1 is manual and 2 are automatics. Hmm, searching is so much fun Thank you so much for the replies, keep them coming.
  9. I am already talking with the seller. This is base model though, not the deluxe. I am looking at one that might fit the bill in Washington state. Anyone on the list in the area want to take a look at it for me (I'll post once I get the final location)? Condition and price is somewhat flexible. I'd rather find a restorable car with the options I am looking for.
  10. Wanted: 1962 Buick Special or Skylark I am a retired military Desert Storm Vet, and I am looking for a 1962 Buick Special Convertible, prefer a Deluxe 4 speed, 3 speed manual but entertaining any '62 Special Convertible or Skylark Convertible. I also prefer a project car, but not a basket case. minor body, paint and mechanical work is fine but no rust buckets. Any help I can get from the group would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Corrected, the only manual is a 3 speed. 4 speeds were in the Skylark in 1962. Add search to include 1962 Skylark C
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