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  1. GREAT PICTURES, THKS! I show to the wooden master, we try to use them (pictures I mean, not the master..) like a guide.
  2. HELLO Looks similar, I hope that we will use the picture. Thank you very much.
  3. I can"t wait, I lost my sleep... Lat edit. BillP, thank you for pictures, looks similar but don"t help for now. For calling them- we are a ,,bit" outside from US...
  4. How to keep door to stand up...in the photo I show my problem
  5. Ok, I"m grateful, I like to see how the floor link to the doors..
  6. Hello. Noone? Over the net, I search but I don't find something I can use. How the floor come?
  7. Owner put us to reassamble parts, that come like that So, we need an idea about how come the floor. To fix that parts.
  8. Who said I doubt? I always look for a challenge, BUT instead doing something wrong I rather prefere to ask someone who knows better. Well. the car is not mine, I'm only ,,restore team leader'', and the owner want me to do what he said- right now he wanted to put togheter all ,,lego'' parts- doors, firewall, back of the car, to see the shape. I do what HE said to do. For that I need to get an idea how the wood came in position. Really, noone had a picture with a floor? ANY picture, to give me an idea? For now, engine and other thing are not i
  9. Ok, a drawing will be best, please tell how come the wooden material, from back to front or from left to right? I can"t imagine. I will give pictures with what we done to the door panels to say if is ok Lat edit.. For me this is the first car soooo old, before I restore some vw beetle and buses T2A and B, so I don"t have experience in this area...And also, here, I don"t believe are many people with experience with soo old cars. Was a challenge to me and my son(is in that picture) to start...
  10. I work hard to clean the engine... And dinamo+water pump
  11. Yes, we know that, we take it down. note: name is cezar zero one, not cezaro one.
  12. Hello.. yes, I'm from south... of another continent. -I'm in Europe. Here, Retro car authority said that they DON"T have a car like that in the country. Is the ONLY one. Maybe in Europe could be another one?? who knows..? The body shape looks is original. Unchanged. I don't find any serial number for chasis. I look all over- where should be-, but... Engine is WS.. 6 in line, original, cilinders looks nice inside. Wheels are from another movie.. headlights also...I know... But we have the frame for cover roof! But now, the main concern
  13. Hello. I'm new here, so if I'm wrong with something, excuse me. I just work hard to restore an Auburn model 6-76, 3 months ago was in a bad shape, now looks more appropiate, but I face some problems. I don't have any idea how the wooden parts are coming into place. No photos. looks like that at the begining. Now is sandblasted and covered with primer. BUT. ...always is a but. I am stuck. Don't have any idea how the floor is. For doors we have an carpenter and he did a good job. I need photos if someone has. PLEASE. If is possible, I c
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