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  1. Took starter out and it appears to be fairly recent age. I could not find anything wrong or broken on the Bendix. However, it was not lubricated and could have possibly gotten stuck in the non-engaged position. I can turn it in and out towards and away with some resistance. Flywheel teeth look great as so the Bendix teeth. Starter turns fast and smooth otherwise. I will take to a local shop on Monday to inspect and any further testing. Could it be that it only needs a small amount of grease lube on the shaft where the gear spins towards and away from the flywheel ring gear? Som
  2. Does the starter and Bendix drive interchange with Ford of these or other years? Especially the drive gear teeth. I see complete new units for sale and they look correct. Any opinions?
  3. Thanks - will tackle the overdrive next weekend. I also replied to myself on the door lock parts issue in case others are interested. This might be the only known photos of the lock parts! For the overdrive I seem to recall on my previous '41 that the knob cannot be pulled in or out at certain speeds. I ordered the special Ford/Lincoln overdrive repair manual printed in late 1940s to assist. I like a diagram or illustration to follow.
  4. An update for the record for others to see. I got the needed steel plates and brass "springs" from Merv Adkins. I have also attached a photo of the metal box this all goes into on the Continental door. Was this the same for '42 Zephyrs or are those a different lock setup due to the Continental doors being so thin?
  5. The dash knob is stuck in the off / out position. So no overdrive. Is this a mechanical or electrical problem? I will soon be removing the front floor transmission hump cover to investigate. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. I recently took the doors apart to work on the window mechanisms and to fix the key locks. When I removed the lock cylinders I figured something was missing- a piece that hooks onto the pin on the back of the cylinder and somehow blocks the exterior push button from operating. There were no "extra" parts within the door itself. Later I was told that there is/was a metal plate with a hole for the pin on the back of the cylnder to slide the plate up and down to block the exterior button from being used. Additionally there should be a brass curved piece to provide tension to the plate. I canno
  7. How do I take the air cleaner apart and remove and replace the filter element? It appears to be press-fitted together. Please advise, thanks.
  8. That would be a last resort to attack the beautiful bumper. In addition to the bolt holes, the 1946 bumper guards have sharp edges that have left vertical impressions in the bumper. My existing rear bumper was rechromed show quality and I will sell it complete someday. I will wait.
  9. My '42 Continental has a beautiful 1946 Continental rear bumper unfortunately not correct for the 1942. I specifically want a '42 rear bumper (with or without bumper guards); the '42 has the correct number of bolt holes in the right places. Please let me know, thanks
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