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  1. Thanks again for your help, I am a BCA member and will join the local club this week. I checked the Buick Farm and they are still going and have some of the stuff I need.
  2. Hi Folks, Still working on my 67 Special coupe, basket case. I have the engine ready to go into the car and I just found out I'm missing the wiring harness that goes from automatic transmission up to the kick down switch at the carburetor. None of the harness building companies that I know of makes them. I checked, Ron Frances, Cars, Narragansett, Rode Island wiring. Not even any good pictures, so, I can't even make it. If anyone has a used one in any condition with good plugs I would be a buyer. Thanks in advance, J
  3. Thanks, ol'yeller, yes I'm certain its a 300. I do have the dipstick. It now makes sense. The hole in the block is too small for a tube. The hole is however large enough to accept the dipstick. I just pulled the oil pan and measured where the dipstick ends up in the pan just beyond the windage tray and it seems spot on. I really appreciate the help, as there are no pictures in the service manual specific to the dipstick. Only picture I could find was the cutaway shot of the front of the engine with the top of the stick visible . Also looked at cars for sale on eBay, no good pictures of the left side of the engine. No cars in my area. Also, couldn't find an assembly manual for 67, I guess I should settle for a 66 assembly manual, as they are close. Thank you again.
  4. I'm restoring a 1967 Special coupe basket case. It has the 300 V8. I have been able to locate most parts without too much trouble, however I am missing the dip stick tube. I have purchased a Chevrolet repro, but it's too big in diameter. I've called many old car salvage yards, to no avail. Someone out there has had the same problem, at least I'm hoping so. Thanks in advance, Joel