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  1. doggone it, I just pushed the button to purchase one I found on ebay. I am looking for a few other odds and ends though. dome light, glove box light
  2. If you still have that delete plate I would like to buy it rricca@mcn.org
  3. No Autolite tag GDZ 2 stamped into end casting I can send you a pic if you give me your email R
  4. Carburetor, fuel pump, regulator, generator (6 volt) oil bath air cleaner, Sisson automatic choke, recently removed and serviceable. Fuel parts recently rebuilt or new. All serviceable, I upgraded to more modern stuff. would like to see this stuff get used. reasonable
  5. Carburetor, fuel pump and oil bath air cleaner 51 Ford six. Running condition, recently removed. reasonable, would like to see them get used
  6. HI there My 1940 Windsor jumps out of second on decel. I think a syncro and associated small parts are indicated. Can anybody help me out? Thanks
  7. Looking for whatever keeps the trunk lid up on my newly acquired project (1940 Windsor) dont know now if it is supposed to be a spring or just what thanks
  8. I just put one on my pickup. The car and truck manifolds have the exhaust flanges in different spots and when combined, make a perfect split
  9. I would like to buy it I am in Northern California do you have paypal?
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