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  1. The last time I saw you.
  2. Waiting for the last train.
  3. Watching for revenuers.
  4. Lord, has every well I drilled ran dry.
  5. I just went to and entered a car show in my town. This was my first car show. As I walked around I was struck by the fact that a good 50 to 60 % of cars had LS engines with Corvette branded plastic covers. I blame Velosity for this. I get the modern power plant thing,way more HP for a given cubic inch way better fuel burn numbers. But these seem to be cars that are barely if ever driven. So I just dont get the massive cash outlay to have a car that is no longer original mechanically . Please dont be offended this only my humble opinon. BTW I do watch the shows on velosity and marvel at some of
  6. That thing is screeming put me back together.
  7. Our stalwart hero faces down an army of LS warriors in there shining armor.
  8. It is truly wonderful to read the stories and memory's of a simpler times. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to live in a house with no indoor pluming . I know that sounds odd but the memory of my Grandma scrubbing my brother and I under a hand pump on the front porch will never be forgotten.
  9. No markings not even shadows. My understanding originally a plumbers truck. The owner who had it before me used it to haul rocks in northern California. He garaged it back in the 70's and there it sat till I came along.
  10. There you have it Mike knows there is more then one way to smudge a pot.
  11. When I was a child my father called them smudge pots. That was 1962 in Wahoo Nebraska. Look up highway smudge pot.
  12. It won't fit my running board . But did fit the tailgate . But if I do ever get a 20s or 30s car i'm set.
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