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  1. I need the complete inside and outside passenger side mirror for my 1990 Buick Reatta. You can side me an email to with details. Thanks in advance for any help
  2. I now need a complete passenger side mirror for my 1990 Reatta. Do you have one available ? Price Please? thank you
  3. Thanks for letting me know but I found one.
  4. FYI Speedway no longer has any Reatta parts
  5. When removing the vent window frame should the side window be up or down?
  6. Thank you for this infomation Barney
  7. Has anyone in the group have a passenger side vent window for 1990 Reatta Convertible? I have seem some on EBay but would be more comfortable dealing with someone in the club . You can send price and shipping cost to my email if you wish. I live in Scottsdale Az85255 Thanks for your help
  8. How does one reach the screws that hold the clips in place. I took off the top trim piece but under it is molded steel body!
  9. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me any pointers in this ?
  10. This car is now on Ebay for 15900 it is at a second specialty car company in Tempe Az. I looked at the car it is like new with 14K
  11. Ok I just rethought my position , to what address do I send my antenna and my money ? I am better off spending a little now than a lot later. Barry
  12. Barney Thank you for your response on the power antenna . I have removed the antenna from the car and I am ready to give replacing it a try if you are still willing to walk me through it. I have a small torch for silver soldering. I am attaching a picture of the antenna, all the sections look straight. Thanks in advance for any help you will provide, If I don't think I can do it I will send it to you Thanks Barry Fleet