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  1. I have a 1917 D35. I'm by no means an expert, but believe that this car is nearly identical other than 4 cylinder engine vs. 6 on the D45. Photo below is in my garage next to a Model T (mash up of several years). The Model T Touring is 3 door (driver slides over from passenger side) because there's not much space between the wheel and the front seat. The Buick has what I've been told is called a "Fat Man" steering wheel. In the photo it's in it's raised position. Then just slides down to a more normal state once the driver is seated.
  2. Hi Larry, I haven't joined the national Buick Club, but am certainly willing. I am a member of the '15-'19 Buick and McLaughlin Club. Are you aware of that one? It's run by a guy named Dean Tryon in North Carolina. Membership is very inexpensive and he sends out a newsletter quarterly. It would be fun to get out to Milwaukee in July. I honestly have to say that this would be a bit of a long shot for me. But I'll check into it. Travel in some cases was a lot easier when I lived in St. Louis. The whole USA was at most 1/2 way across the country. Now, on the East
  3. Awesome replies. Both the spots I was thinking would be ok were the ones suggested by Gary and Tinindian. It's always about not breaking something. I'm getting better at not breaking things that I'm trying to fix. Thanks.
  4. As soon as I posted a similar question in a different thread, I see this again. If you read this, could you have a quick glance at the forum topic named "Jacking up a '17 Buick D35"
  5. Any thoughts on Jack / Jackstand placement for wheel removal? There's a thin bar beneath the center of the axle that I'm sure can't take any real pressure. This is making jacking up the car very challenging. I can take some guesses, but would prefer not to guess. Here are 2 photos - one each right and left. The left side I took with a flash. That's my excuse for what appears like a very filthy axle. Surprised me too.
  6. I'm trying to get the hub size of my '17 Buick over to George at CustomHubPullers. I've taken a variety of measurements using multiple tools that I have. 2 calipers (one is standard and the other seems to be using inches, but decimal (as in tenths of inches). Last, I used a Micrometer which might be the most accurate but certainly the hardest for me to figure out. I can say that the size is 2-3/4" give or take a very small amount (which may matter per George). The photos are all from the hub itself, instrument resting across threads so as not to be in the trough of the threads. Of cours
  7. Larry Schramm, I spoke to George twice yesterday. I've been taking lots of micrometer and caliper measurements of my hub per his instructions to get the sizing right. The number of different Buick hubs is ridiculous. He may or may not already have the right one. My measurements were good yesterday, but maybe not good enough. I needed to verify and re-check to make sure that I had the right measurements. I would prefer to send George one of my hub caps which he says he can make the puller from, but he's resistant (for my convenience) and is sure he can build based on my measur
  8. If I could manage to find the right "internal tab keyed washer", am I looking for a basic flat washer (like the horseshoe one I have in the photo above, but keyed internally), or more like the one on the other side of the car which appears to be a star washer.
  9. Hi Hugh, Thanks a lot for your commentary and photo. My car is a '17 D-35 so I'm not sure what looks similar to yours or not (although it appears similar on the outside). You've confirmed the existence / need of the long, rectangular key. Where to source that??? Theoretically, I could get someone to make one, but what alloy seems to be critical. My right side rear has the star washer that's been noted above. On the left side rear (the one I'm working on getting the wheel off) did not have that washer, but did have the one pictured above that has a perpendicular tab that
  10. I'm in Southwestern Connecticut - not too far from New York City.
  11. Does anyone have a hub puller for the Buick that they would be willing to loan? The hub puller at $240 is pricey for something I'm not likely to need more than once. Just asking...
  12. Thanks all. I'm definitely more inclined to get a hub puller. Among other things, I don't see how the jack stand will fit in the right spot. When i jacked up the car for this initial attempt, I had a hard time finding a safe place for the jack stand. There's a rod of some sort directly below the axle that goes all the way across to the other side. No way I would put any weight on that rod. And for my Model T, I read on forums that the weight of the car should never be put in the center of the axle as they could bend. Jacks / Stands all need to be as far outboard as possibl
  13. Great advice / teachings. I'm guessing (only guessing) that the hub puller is the tool I need. I posted this wheel question on my Model T Forum (I have one of those too). One commenter gave me this link: http://customhubpullers.com Seems pricey. How likely is it that a local mechanic has a hub puller with the right thread? I took a look at the other 3 wheels. Rear Left (the one I've posted a photo of above) has a large nut and a horseshoe shaped washer with a groove for the "key". There definitely wasn't a key in there when I took it apart. The washer also has a perpendicu
  14. I have a '17 Buick. One of my wheels needs repairs (I'm going to send it to Stutzmans). I tried to get the wheel off and it won't come off. I limited my force so as not to damage anything before asking for help. Plus, cars on jacks scare me to some extent. A few pics are attached below. I noted that there is slot in the hub and associated washer that I assume is meant for a Woodruff Key. There was nothing there - should there be. More importantly, does anyone know if there's a trick to get this wheel off. Is the screw on the side of the hub in the second picture likely to be involved?
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