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  1. The bubbles are caused by a UV resistant film that was sandwiched between two layers of glass. The first windows without the film, had a problem in which the beveled areas of the glass actually magnified sunlight, causing interior carpet scorching. I am not sure how it is done, but I have read that this film can be removed.
  2. Hello, I am needing the ginger plastic bezel that goes around the chrome door handle for both driver and passenger. Let me know if you have them. Thank you.
  3. The 1989 Maserati Biturbo front end and hood are so much like the TC, that I would bet that the hood liner for the Maserati would most likely fit. I think that is what I am going to get, as there are absolutely no luxury universal hood liners out there, they are all custom. This seller on Ebay has the liner. http://www.ebay.com/usr/auto-italia?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  4. My 89 TC (Exotic Red/Ginger) has the original umbrella, however I have been unable to locate the tool kit. I have not unbolted the spare in the cargo compartment to look under the tire yet, so I was wondering, where the original tool kit would have been located in the car?
  5. They are fairly strict in AZ, but not as bad as CA. You will automatically fail emissions if your check engine light is on.
  6. I am here in Arizona and I did pass the smog test.
  7. I have an 89 TC and there seems to be an empty space under the hood on the driver side corner near the firewall and the wheel well with unconnected wire harnesses. I believe this was where the CA emissions components go. However, the car has never been titled in CA. I figured they would not install CA Emission on cars not to be sold in CA. I am concerned that these unconnected wire harness are may be causing the engine to miss. I have replaced the plugs, points, distributor, O2 sensor, fuel regulator, vacuum switch, etc...so it should be running perfectly smooth. Does anyone have any suggestio
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