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  1. Thank you for the input. I would have to go digging just to find any parts in the pile. My thoughts have been confirmed big project for the time/money. I will try to get the car to salvage parts for myself and others. Will post how I get on. thanks 39buick I will look for running boards. Thought it may have been a larger series due to the spare wheels in the guards?
  2. Hi am interested in a car to save from scrap. Is a 1940 Buick rhd believe to have the spare wheels in the front guards/fenders. fully stripped and now very rotten everything , weather has got to the parts over at least 20+years. im a sucker for huge projects but is this a desirable car? Is there any tell tales parts I could look for to give me an idea on what model it is ? the motor looks like it's been in the ocean... i will try to get it and if successful do an inventory of parts at least then if it's not worthwhile to restore some parts can be used between
  3. What size wheels is that with? I'm only having the shed for storage of the Buick and other cars. Wanting to keep height as low as needed. Needing a height to work out door opening and work from there. The roof I will slant down to the smaller cars. i already have a large shed workshop, this is just going to be a clean zone insulated storage.
  4. Does anyone have the overall height of a 1925 55 sport tourer? With top up and large diameter tyres. I'm planning a shed for mine to live when completed and want to allow correct roof height
  5. Thanks for your quick replies, the set I need to use will require a lot of restoration work but I am trying to go through my parts and 1. Work out what is correct 2. Fix them many thanks, brendan
  6. The rears on the larger nickle buckets are different in where the wire enters. I'm narrowing down the results at least ! ? which is correct for 24/25. Then I will have my pair of lights ready to be restored... hopefully
  7. I have a early car and happy with 1924 lights if all I have. Currently the top of photo is all the larger diameter. Osgood lenses are 8 3/4. Is there a right and left? Mixture of outer rings I'm guessing the one without screw hole what I need. And possibly going with a no crease reflector as none in the larger size. There is a larger set with only a couple creases on one side. Is this 1924? I also have tiltray lenses and osgood. Which is preferred
  8. For the 1925 master 55 sport touring. What headlight is correct. I assume all the same diameter but Nickle or painted outside. But I have a few different internals. One smooth, one with a couple of creases, one with all creases. What is the correct for my model or a 24. Also what lens is correct? I have a large amount of lights for 20s models and trying to pick the correct ones while I'm refurbishing other lights at the same time
  9. Here is the 26+ standard on a master rad honeycomb. Concrete sealed in front lower but not back.
  10. I have a honeycomb radiator here from a 27standard, and they stopped some of the leaks with , yes concrete! I will get a photo for your enjoyment
  11. I will be painting mine with automotive enamel most likely. As is what new radiators are painted with and while suffer heat transfer losses, not enough to render any major issues with temperature. Trick is to paint on heavy angles as to coat only the outer edges of core fins and not straight on to advoid excessive paint build up internally. Each to their own but the large air gaps and minimal paint can't see a major effect. I will also be using waterless coolant in this car to advoid any boiling issues. benefit from heat paints is great however I'm thinking more along
  12. I'm back, I welcomed my first child two and a bit months earlier than expected and nearly lost mum in the process. All on track now and with zero money (baby's are expensive... more than cars! ) but there is is never a good time to have a project so I figure I will work on it when I can. Got new radiator and core completed, with nickel plated top. Not happy with the top some splatter and scratch marks from the platers. I may see if I can get it nickel plated again while attached? i went with a core style that looked old, as mine was not a honeycomb but larg
  13. Smell your oil. If the fuel is too rich and getting into the oil it can very quickly destroy an engine.
  14. I find overnight is enough to remove rust with a fresh batch. As the batch gets old and turns to vinegar stops working. Vinegar is good old as a converter but I haven't had any experience with vinegar removing oxide. I think it must be the sugars
  15. Molasses 1 part, water 10 parts. Same active ingredients as the expensive brands. But $1 per litre. Non toxic but bit gross. Hence the gloves. Wash off with pressure washer dry and coat with desired rust covertor or primers. evaporrust and other items non toxic use same ingredients without the grossness. however cheap and I make large tub 100litre for $10. Throw wheels and anything you want rust removed from in and out like tubes etc. eat the rust off does not remove paint or affect the steel, only the oxidising
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