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  1. Vics Dodge Garage has a lot of parts and can rebuild the gauges. Do you have a new wire harness or using the original? My old harness had all sorts of issues.
  2. going to revive this post a bit. I found a cool book on eBay that just came in. its the "Factory Instruction Book" for the KC and KCL trucks. has lots of good information in it. but what is interesting to me is it says its from May 1935 for serial number 8048701 and later, yet mine is 8053020 and from March 1935.
  3. not sure about where you live, but in Texas you would have to do a Bonded title.
  4. It could be an ‘aftermarket change’ as you suggested, but that still does not explain how my vin/ serial number is suppose to be for a late series cab but all the evidence I have shows this is an early model cab from the factory. i am also going to measure the hinges, as mine dont look as long/ different in lengths as yours. I might have to remove a door to look at the hinges and see what the hidden part looks like. Given all the data we have, and the fact no one has seen this configuration before, I would say odds are high this was not a factory configuration. I guess we may not know more details until I get brave enough to take the cab and doors down to bare metal.
  5. I will try that tomorrow. Out of curiosity Scott, do you have a pic of what the hinge looks like attached to the cab for a suicide door?
  6. it is really strange for sure, but it is interesting trying to figure out what is going on. My truck does have the 3 round gauges, so at least it is following some of the standards of the book.
  7. this is a pic of the rear of the driver door, towards the bottom is where a suicide hinge would have been, this is the front of the driver side cab opening. you can see the area molded for a striker / door latch this is the rear lower driver side of the cab opening. you can see the area that is made and cut out for the suicide hinge. this is the top driver side hinge from the outside, you can see what looks like someone used a lot of drill holes to help cut the opening in the cab for the hinge to go into. this shows the cab inside of the current hinge
  8. I don't have a parts book, but I have established that the early series KC's did have the roof insert. My truck has the 3 round gauges in it. I have 1 firewall plate B-1-2-LR14225, which is the number on the build sheet. thanks for the help and input
  9. I have a 1935 Dodge KC truck I am working to restore, and I came across something that I can't figure out. I have the build sheet from Dodge, so I know the frame and the cab are the factory original parts. All the research I have done shows there are 2 style KC's in 1935. The early style used the 34 cab and had suicide doors. The later style had a new cab and had "normal" doors. I just noticed that my cab is most defiantly a 34 style cab, the windshield is not curved around the bottom edge and it does not have an all metal roof on the cab. But I do not have suicide doors. Even the placement of my door hinges are not the same as any other 35 KC I have seen online. So my question is what do I have? Did someone mess with my doors? Did Dodge make a few 34 style cab trucks without suicide doors? Any thoughts or suggestions for a direction to go would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I am searching for some front fenders for my 1935 KC Dodge truck. The ones that came with the truck had about 1/2" of bondo on them and look like they were hammered with golf balls. thanks
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