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  1. Clearly I didn't need them I drove her all over the state like that
  2. You know Lamar I think these would look great in your Buick dealership.
  3. No it doesnt shock you but thats not a bad idea I could probably rig something up😂
  4. Homemade 50s Buick nailhead lamps They'd make a great addition to a man cave or garge both lamps were made from used parts The black one is 100 and the blue is 150 or 220 for both
  5. Changed the coil and condenser out with ones from a 54 Buick She seems to be running pretty well
  6. Yeah thats the nicest air cleaner I have. I might paint it and put a Holley sticker on it. I do have a vaccum gauge
  7. Well it was a busy weekend we got the Buick buttoned up and i only had to install the thermostat three times before it stopped leaking. It didnt take much and she fired up pretty easily and ran well. but for some reason after i turned her off to find a air cleaner so i could take her for a test drive when i fired her up again she ran like absolute crap. Im not sure what changed between the first and second start up.But heres some cool pics.
  8. lol ? ill have to install some first to have something to reinforce.
  9. And heres a comparison of the old vs the new.
  10. Heres what the coolant passages looked like when I took the intake off. Now I know why I never had any heat and why she liked to run hot at idle even with that big aluminum radiator. This is after I started to clean them out.
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