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  1. Anyone have a cross reference to new points numbers? Looking for replacement points for DR-127. thanks, Jimmy
  2. I can fix it.... I just thought there might be new ones or replacements available. It’ll be on for shows.... not much protecting there which explains my .060” oversized bore
  3. This is the filter off the carb on my 32 Chrysler, it’s a bit damaged. Any ideas where I could find another? thanks
  4. Looking for a part number and or source for an intake gasket for my 32 Chrysler Six. Thanks jimmy
  5. Looking to get the radiator emblem for my 32 Chrysler restored. Any recommendations for a Cloisonné emblem restorer? Thanks
  6. Looking for a supplier of oval head slot headed sheet metal screws. All I have seen are Phillips.. where to go? thanks!
  7. Looking for a pair of shocks marked 1740U and 1740T. Thanks, Jimmy
  8. Probably!!! I wish I would have written down the name of the alloy, I have about 5#’s of it, just in case....
  9. In the 60’s my grandpa played with low melting point alloys and “RTV” rubber. He used to make a lot of his own parts, here’s a light switch handle he made for (I believe) an early Dodge.
  10. 2 restorable Royal 8 wood wheel hubcaps. $125 shipped in the lower 48
  11. My grandpa had several Airflow’s over the years, I believe this is an Airflow wheel, year?? And not sure about the chrome piece. Any thoughts? thanks, jimmy
  12. Thanks keiser31. I checked with them and they have none, they'd rebuild mine but.... mine are MIA
  13. Looking for: Freewheel assembly, dash to trans Dash lights Front shock hardware (and possibly shocks) Drivers side door handle Hubcaps (wood spoke style, "dog dish") New rubber pads for brake and clutch Grill emblem Thanks, Jimmy S
  14. As I go through the boxes of parts yet to put on the 1932 Chrysler CI that I recently inherited, I found the wing windows (now completely restored) that were on the car when my father bought it in 1961. I'm not sure that I like them, do they belong on the car? Not sure I've seen them on another one?
  15. I'm interested! I'll send you a message
  16. I brought home the 1932 Chrysler CI that I inherited from my father. He stopped working on it about 13-14 years ago, most of the parts left to go on are obvious or they are marked, these were not. Trying to figure out what they’re for. The escutcheon has a slot about 3/32” x 1/2” in the “bottom end” of it.
  17. Thanks Marv, l should have noted CI 6 shocks.
  18. Looking for a pair of front shocks for my 1932 Chrysler. Thanks Jimmy S
  19. Thank you very much. I sent Rob a message. I'm going back to my dads shop tonight to "dig" and see if I can find the other two shocks, they must be there somewhere.... My dad bought this car in 1961. The windshield frames were rotted out, so my grandpa made new ones...
  20. So just brought home my 1932 Chrysler that I inherited from my father. Lots of little bits left to install. It has no front shocks and appears that it may never have had any? Also, I’m missing all dash controls except the headlight switch. Also in need of pedal rubbers for the brake & clutch. Any help locating these parts or advice on front shock or any other thing like door handle installation including both doors and the RS lid would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Jimmy S
  21. Don’t know much about this, it was something my great grandpa had ran on his 1909 Everitt. $225
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