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  1. Finaly on the road. 1966 with 67 grille
  2. Anyone has a picture of the felts / fuzzies installed for the 66 riviera? and who sells for the 2nd gen.Riviera?
  3. I am about to replace the headliner on my 66. Since I had the car sandblasted the cardbord over the front and rear windshield for stapling the headliner on is gone. Anyone replaced this ? Type of material you used and was it only glued on to the metall? Any advice appreciated­čśŐ
  4. Hopefully I get it back together and opertional for the summer :-)
  5. Thanks to all for your help? Tom : do you have a web page or an email adress just to get some prices etc? Brgds Thomas
  6. Tom. I dont have the 2 groove pulley for the waterpump. I post a picture of the crack highlighted the crack with a marker. I dismantled the "new" motor today to prepare it for cleaning. The crank on this motor looks very good so I would like to re-use it. Is the adapter you mentioned the only thing I need to use the 66 sp400 trans? If so do I need to have this adapter fitted before I send the crank for balancing? I will need new pistons as well as I will bore it up to get it right this time..
  7. Hi. I am living in Norway so there is the is probably more freight cost than part cost? I have new cam and all valves guides lifters and adjustable rockers put into the cracked engine. I bought all parts from m.russel centerville. I was breaking in the cam when I realized the crack? my plan is to get the "new" block checked honed or bore it if necessary and balance the crank assembly and put over the cam etc. I will see if I can get a picture tomorrow. I'm sure we can work something out regarding the 2 groove pulley.
  8. Hi. I think i will swap the crank from my cracked engine. The crack is about 2 inches long over the rear valvelifter to cyl.#7 leaking water into the engine and it is very close to the lifter oil galley. This engine has 0.040 overbore and with welding I suspect the cylinder walls will be damaged? Thanks
  9. Hi I need some help identify a 425 engine I just bought. The reason I bought this is because my block is cracked and hopefully this block is ok :-) This engine has original bore and has almost no wear in the cylinderwalls :-) The problem on this engine is that there is no number or letters in front of the valley pan. The block cast says B1364704 which indicates a 63-66 One head has cast no. B 1374603 E and the other one 1196914J The engine has the lifting pad eye at the rear. The crankshaft is different from my 66 425 as my flywheel want fit and I have a 66 SP400 I am plan
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