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  1. Hi John, The last known for sure evidence of registration I have is as follows: 1969 GTO - Registered in Texas in 1969 (Texas LP# KFF-635) 1966 Pontiac Lemans - Registered in Texas in 1968/69 (Texas LP# JVD-888) 1957 Chevy Pickup - Registered in Texas in 1970. From 71 thru 75 in Mississippi (Texas LP# 4B-7320) Considering 2 of these vehicles Dad bought new and the truck was restored in the early 70's, I am hoping they would still be around. Of course I don't what the condition of them is as long as I know they are still around and/or I could buy any one or all of them back.
  2. Hey guys, I am new here but I would like to offer my take on the original post. I feel that our youth today should be included in some fashion. Not all youth (or adults) can afford a classic car nowadays. The prices of these cars today is insane IMHO. What teenager who works at Wal-Mart (or most any minimum wage job) can go out and buy a $10-30K classic car? Even junker classics are bringing stupid money today. I think there should be some ways to include them even if they drive a 1998 Yugo. I don't think it is so much the "car" as it is the friendships and comradery. I also see most of our youth today being obsessed with iPads, cell phones and computers. I believe the percentage of car enthusiasts youth today are very few in numbers. I miss the days when drag racing was hot. I remember spending my weekends at the strip and there were kids/teenagers everywhere. Today?, few to none. Oh well, just my 2 cents worth.
  3. Hello everyone. I am trying to locate 3 of my Dad's old cars (57 Chevy pickup, 1966 Lemans, 1969 GTO)and all I have are the Texas license plate numbers from 1968/69. I am not interested in doing it illegally so I am wondering if there are ways to do this legitimately? My Dad died last month and I now have a stronger than ever urge to find and hopefully buy back at least one of his classic cars. Thanks ZM
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