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  1. I owned this car until recently. It is a true southern Calif. car. I bought from the original families estate. I called it a twixt car. Most paint was original. The car was too nice to restore. The chrome was nice but not perfect. I was in a quandary . Very nice car. Interior is in need of restoration. Tim
  2. Just found these postings, I bought 2046 shortly after the 19 meet. Great to hear about other Simplex Crane cars.
  3. This is the 1937 Lyon Conklin outside sales force. My Father was second from the right.
  4. Wow Mark, What a beautiful car!!! Hope it goes to a good home. Tim
  5. Al, Did you see the Locomobile chassis for sale? Looks like a motor is sitting in the frame. In the "For Sale" section . Tim
  6. Al, Here is a pic of the gate shifter. Hope this is what you wanted. Tim
  7. Al, Like the 4 it is driven from the front gear. Tim
  8. Al, Could not see a number at the base so I took a pic to see if this helps. Tim
  9. James and Al, Thanks for the shifting tips, will try that out on the next drive. Al, I have the twin Delco distributers and points. Boy I hope those points never break!! Tim
  10. Not sure which ignition I have but will get back to you when I return from a Morgan meet. Tim
  11. Yes Al, It was a blast. Even though the car is nearly 100 years old, it was exciting. I watched a u tube on a 1920 on a ride, and found his words on the money. Look forward to cooler weather to exercise her on a longer ride. Tim
  12. Al, Not a great pic of my dash, but it was as good as I could get. I have the twin distributers and run on both. Took her on a run on Saturday 90+ degrees. About 5 miles. All good!! Shifting is interesting. Must be done firmly and quickly, no hesitation. If you miss you are coming to a stop. Tim
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