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  1. HISTORY : The original cars were hand built for the wealthy in the mid to late 1800's. By the 1880's, more independent car builders built less expensive vehicle for the middle working class using bicycle parts. Since these vehicles were very fuel efficient and affordable, an international building standard where small mechanic shops built the cyclecar in the service industry to a customer's budget. Ferrari and other notable race car companies developed most of the innovation used today on all cars. When Ferrari refused to sell their company, Ford built the GT 40 based of Ferrari's design. The original 4 wheel cyclecar was forgotten when the United States politicians discarded the free enterprise 'for and by the people' that had revolted against corporate central banks whose aspirations to financially control global free markets with debt to create a world power. This was seen when the federal reserve took over the US banking, funded the corporate auto manufactures who built the war machines for both sides of world war 1. Since manufacturing lowered production costs, the cycle car built in the free service industry market died because it couldn't compete according to the same reason the US had revolted to stop this. TODAY : Since the central banks had taken over other county's by bankrupting them through debt, while destroying the free market, the price of a manufactured vehicle cost just as much, if not more than a specialty "classic" replica car, which the average working class can not afford to buy. A contributing factor, besides greedy corporations building fuel inefficient vehicles, is federal regulations. The latest is EPA zero emissions and 50 mpg or a $5000.00 fine that is passed on tto the consumer's purchase price. TAKING THE FREE MARKET BACK WHILE CREATING ENTREPRENEUR JOBS A modern 4 wheel cylecar prototype design is now available to build from kit plans, as a kit or assembled from the customer's custom build order by a local service mechanic who warranties workmanship, and offers parts and service for the customer. (SEE PHOTOS OF PROTOTYPE BUILD) Trunk under tilt front Additional title & registration service is available if customer chooses not to use the state DMV form to obtain a street legal status for their vehicle. The vehicle's fuel efficient design is based on a power to weight ratio that the auto manufactures can not use, since many of the federal regulated expensive parts a customer is required to buy weighs the vehicle down, that even computers can not make the vehicle as fuel efficient as the new cyclecar. The cyclecar a classification of vehicle, not a brand name. The vehicle is registered as a "home built" in the owners name as 'one of a kind' vehicle which doesn't depreciate in value like a disposable manufactured car. consult your mechanic. These vehicles are not subject to manufacture regulated mandates! If you want to use motorcycle or auto manufactured donor parts for larger vehicles or after market replica car designs.. vehicle type two seat cyclecar. All component parts mount outside cage cab frame. performance 100+mpg top speed 100+ mph. weight 350lbs. 420 cc mid engine. contact : jmn5519@yahoo.com for assembly contracts in your area or vehicle info.
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    Previous to automobile manufacturing lower cost of production than cars produced in the service industry, put these entrepreneurs out of business. Today the federal regulations on manufactures no longer can produce an inexpensive car compared to the simplistic design cyclecar shown here. The construction photos of the lightweight prototype gets over 100 mpg and can be assembled by the average mechanic's shop for under $4000.00
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