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  1. HISTORY : The original cars were hand built for the wealthy in the mid to late 1800's. By the 1880's, more independent car builders built less expensive vehicle for the middle working class using bicycle parts. Since these vehicles were very fuel efficient and affordable, an international building standard where small mechanic shops built the cyclecar in the service industry to a customer's budget. Ferrari and other notable race car companies developed most of the innovation used today on all cars. When Ferrari refused to sell their company, Ford built the GT 40 based of Ferrari's design.
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    Previous to automobile manufacturing lower cost of production than cars produced in the service industry, put these entrepreneurs out of business. Today the federal regulations on manufactures no longer can produce an inexpensive car compared to the simplistic design cyclecar shown here. The construction photos of the lightweight prototype gets over 100 mpg and can be assembled by the average mechanic's shop for under $4000.00
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