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  1. Daww, I don't think the wheels are too terrible. I've seen worse on this specific car.
  2. Newly listed homes are selling like hotcakes in my area. High demand to live here, which I really can't comprehend.
  3. Could not have said it any better. I'm no Generation X, but I've heard that in the 80's and 90's, teenagers were racing to get behind the wheel. Now, youngsters are very particular about what they're driving. Many don't drive and certainly don't plan on it anytime soon, and shun cars that "destroy the environment" (pretty much all our classics). It's profound to see/hear how things have changed. It's sad to think that man-powered automobiles are going to be an outdated and considered impractical. Reminds me of the slide rule, but with more longevity.
  4. Love you too, Bob. I really don't think political correctness is a problem in this community, lack thereof, too much of it, etc. That guy's vague answer describing, basically that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is pretty much right here. People will do dumb stuff to their cars. They're well-off baby boomers with the time and money, they'll do whatever their hearts desire. All the outliers can do is judge them from a distance,
  5. Welcome home! Soak in the air breathed by hipsters and burnouts! But seriously, I wish you luck on retrieving your father's collection in an efficient manner.
  6. The argument he made was a little flawed, considering he was comparing a first-person interaction to what is essentially, an anonymous judging. In real life, judging one's hard-earned build is a bad idea, I say that much.
  7. imo it's an ugly car to begin with, the paint job pushes it even further into the grave. it's always a flame pattern, too. interesting description on how hotrodding began. I can see the appreciation for it, but like you said, as someone who never actually experienced the roots and relevance, it's less of a significance to me. Never knew it was started by struggling veterans.
  8. I actually really like this one, other than the trunk. On a side-note, why are all the guests on Jay Leno's show so dead? Show some liveliness, for once!
  9. Looks like something a 1950's science fiction writer would predict everyone to be driving in the future. But you have to admit, some paint jobs people have done, more specifically with lowriders, are super impressive. Most hot rods look like cookie-cutter childrens' toys, i have to say.
  10. Heh, not to mention some hotrod modifications remind me of the people who modify their generic import vehicle for speed, like a Honda or Toyota. Downright terrible. Like Writer John said, a lot do produce some quality results, and the paint jobs on customs I've seen, specifically lowriders are phenomenal. I guess I should have figured this. In hindsight, I'm not very surprised this has been brought up on this forum, just surprised that you think younger members have never heard of these concepts. I thought the younger enthusiasts were more in touch with lowriding and such? Also, I wasn't exactly pinpointing an age demographic to which the question was asked.
  11. My grandfather that I never met owned a 1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV, a car that definitely fit for him, he gave off that kingpin persona. Don't have any photos of it, though but i believe it was black. Looked nice, too bad it went to one of my older cousins, since he was the only one in my extended family that actually appreciated the car. (not my grandfather's car, just an image I put for reference)
  12. I'm sure all of you know what these two "sub-hobbies" are in the car culture. Both involve spending colossal amounts of cash to add modifications, usually style based. Over the internet and at car shows, I see some impressive results, and a lot of resto-mod and design disasters? Overall, hotrodding and lowriding seem to be frowned upon by a lot of people with the philosophy that the classics deserve to be preserved and kept stock. What do you guys think? Personally, I find it kind of cringe-worthy when it's a very rare car, but luckily most I've seen are mass-produced or models that are considered junkers now.
  13. People still put ads in the newspapers for this kinda stuff? This alone would make me wanna call and inquire...
  14. I wholeheartedly agree with this, but we can't act like these tactics HAVEN'T worked for generations of the car market. Shame to see the naive suckered in.