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  1. Edmund


    One top hose, right, was cut off and opening patched and welded. Left hose has been crushed to fit smaller diameter. Several 'push thru' mounting points and leaking along top tank. i just replaced with ford truck radiator rather than try to fix (I'm not stock anyway) heavy! be glad to give away. Olympia wa
  2. Edmund


    I have a 1941 Zephyr radiator, "modified" to use for chevy 350. A couple of leaks but minimal rust. Is this of any value to anyone?
  3. Edmund


    I'm am looking for advice/recommendations for tires. I have a 41 club cupe, stock appearance with modern running gear including 15 ' wheels. The car screams for white walls (225/75/15) I bought Coker classics, look nice, ride terrible. Have replaced wheels re ? Of one bent. Dynamic balance, inflate to 40#. Above 60mph feels like 'bad tire'. It sounds like this is a common problem. Diamondback has been recommended by local enthusiasts, but hate to spend $1000 and have no improvement.