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  1. hello there thanks for your information. late entry sorry , just to tell i fixed the car ,ichange the crank sensor and even if i change last year the coil ignition, it was not working again i also had a fuse ignition in the engine bay blow now the car doesnt stop anymore working ,thank you.
  2. ok sir ill do ill check for that and for that key on for current for sure i know how to go to diagnostic and find OD01 to read it im at work break time over ill come back for the answer thanks very much ps: if its not reading that its mean the tps senor is bad and need to be change
  3. what is ED01 where do i find that code
  4. Hello sir i dont know for that what is reading but i know if i clear everything the code E021 always come back., do iave to change a part thank
  5. Hello everyone . i own a buick reatta 1988 ,it was running fine now its show on code diagnostic code E021 the car doeesnt want to start run,, i dont know exactly what to fix, can someone help give me informations, thank you
  6. left side exterior handle door assembly needed for buick reatta 1988, thank you
  7. Hello there any parts for sale looking for left exterior handle for the door buick reatta 1988
  8. Hello there im looking for a left exterior handle door for buick reatta 1988
  9. Thank you . I understand , i will do that have a good day
  10. Hello everybody i have a buick reatta 1988 i broke the exterior left handle door, i need one but cant seem to find nowhere ,wonder if somebody have one or to get it.
  11. Hello there I have a buick reatta 1989 transmission problem doesn't seem to shift on overdrive need help thank you
  12. my transmission seem not to shift on third gear on my buick reatta what or how can I fix it need help please
  13. I bought a buick reatta 1988 a few months ago , but I never add any illumination button light on like my consol shifter all the button glove box fog trunk etc.. and suddently last night all my light were on as I put my headlight switch on for the road without doing nothing particulary, im new with that vehicule so im lost here , could someone help me please thank you :))
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