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  1. Hi thanks but not looking far a project car, and I have an identical car to yours that is a nice original unrestored car. Hank
  2. Still looking for an Edsel to add to my 13 Edsel collection. Preference, 1960 Villager or 60 Ranger 4 door hard top w/ deluxe interior or 58 Citation with speed warning option and other desirable factory options. Would consider any Edsel in original UN restored condition with documented history or unique story. NO RUST BUCKETS, prefer running driving car. Original numbers matching cars only. Older restoration okay, prefer original paint cars. Price according to condition, car, and documented past. Our search has went on for nearly two years with sellers backing out after agreeing to sell, as well as a number of other issues. If you think you have one of these cars that meet our criteria please call Hank at 419-569-3361 or email at backalleypedalcars@yahoo.com. Thank you. Long time AACA member, IEC and EOC member as well. Harold Hank Davis Bucyrus, Ohio 419-569-3361
  3. Still searching for a 1960 Edsel station wagon. Car needs to be running and please no rusty projects. Price according to condition. Don't mind a little work. Contact Hank in Ohio 419-569-3361.
  4. Hi Tom, that was very rare but not as unusual as you might think. Edsel did some red and black exterior colors and turquoise and white interiors. I also saw pictures of a Bermuda wagon with simulated cow hyde interior. Jonquil yellow and gray exterior Pacer convertible with red and white interior. The 50's were fun and with few boundaries. Hank
  5. Hi, I am an Edsel owner a member of both the International Edsel club and Edsel owners club, and an AACA member. Edsel's are a very rare car as only 118,000 were built over three model years. The number of cars that remain road worthy today are probably fewer than 10k. If you are are going to show your car at Edsel meets, these guys will pick up very quickly on the paint if it's not correct, and it will cost you show points. The Edsel people are a great group of folks who can look at a data plate tag and recite what every letter and digit represents in triplicate, without referring to a book. Tri color Edsel's are rare on small series, but less rare on Corsairs and Citations. With that being said, it's your car. The first person you need to make happy is yourself. As an Edsel enthusiast I have one Edsel that was all white from the factory. I painted the roof and cove red and it looks much better... But it's not original. I just had a buddy sell his 58 Edsel Pacer press car on eBay and it sold for $28,500. It was repainted the wrong shade of green and it probably cost him at least 10- 12k maybe more. Paint work is expensive so make sure you understand what is important to you before pull the paint gun trigger. Hope this helps. Hank Davis
  6. The original Edsel Roundup in the HPOF class is mine. We have 13 Edsel's, 9 58's, 3 59's and 1 1960. We love them all. I collect all things Edsel and very rarely do I sell anything. My favorites are the 58's but the 1960 models are the rarest based on numbers alone. Only 2800 1960's were built. The cars I am looking for to add to my collection are cars with specific history, features etc. The 59 Edsel does have a little of the middle child syndrome but are very nice cars. I just prefer the other two years. My business website is gotocarguys.com. When you get there click on Hank's Garage. Hank
  7. Very nice 1966 Chevy stepside. 355 V8, Automatic, power steering, power front disc brakes. 6 year old restoration, gorgeous driver. $29,900.
  8. Interested in Edsel's with unique history, original unrestored cars preferred. Low serial numbers, unusual factory features. The more documented history the better. 1960 Villager Wagon, 1960 4 door hard top(no post). 1958 Roundup, Roundup service car, press cars, famous owner cars. 58 Citation with lots of equipment, 2 or 4 door. No 59 models. Also any Edsel advertising, signs, cans, toys etc. Edsel dealership info especially R J Edsel Inc. Contact Hank Davis 419-569-3361 or email backalleypedalcars@yahoo.com 4/21/18 Still looking, a couple of almost's. 5/31/18 Still looking, I would pay a finders fee for the right car. 6/20/2018 Still looking for the right car, have had little responce
  9. They are still out there, waiting to be discovered. Undiscovered Edsel's! Share your pictures of abandoned Edsel's to hank@gotocarguys.com
  10. Thank you, A labor of automotive passion, especially for the Edsel, but we like them all.
  11. Looking for a 1960 Edsel Villager 9 passenger wagon. I don't mind a project, but no rusted out junk. I want a complete car, not someone else's project in a million pieces with half of them missing.No million dollar show cars either. You can email me at hank@gotocarguys.com. or Call me at 419-569-3361. Thank you, Hank Davis Bucyrus, Ohio /member AACA, Edsel Owners Club, and International Edsel Club
  12. Yes and would you believe my wife is a nurse at the hospital. It doesn't get much better than that!!!
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