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  1. I have an 1907 LC and I have had had many problems including having to rebuild the rere end and now that it is going well I aam having a heating problem on the right hand cylinder. It runs very much hotter on the right side to the point where at about 8 km I have to stop and let it cool for 15 minutes and off again for another few kms.The rad has been well flushed and is clear and there is no muck in the cylinder water jacket. Any sujestions Henry
  2. Mark. Dont know will the model O work on the 3 cylinder model 10 Buick. Can you send a picture Thanks
  3. Looking for help with a 1908 model 10 Carb. Running badly on a Teens Marvel Carb But looking for a Model d updraft if I can get it Any help appreciated
  4. I have a 1908 model 10 with a late teens Marvel carb. This carb needs work and I dont know who to get to repair. I would like to ge the correct carb if possible. Any help on Marvel rebuild or can anyone help on the correct carb. Any help appreciated.
  5. HenryN

    Buick model 10

    Thanks for the comments. It is a DU that is fitted but its hard enough to get a good spark for starting, I sure would like to get a Remy setup with a battery backup. I have told that the remy should be a type RL which has a HT input from the battery,coil setup. Any Remy RL magnetos out there
  6. I need a magneto for my 08-09 Buick. everything is missing including coil box. I have a Bosch Magneto but it has no batter/coil set up. What Magneto should be fitted, is it Remy and what model ? Any help appreciated.
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