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  1. Hi, there are several variations on the '33-34 mopar tanks. Do you know what the gas capacity is? What condition is it in and your price? Thanks, Jeff
  2. Hi, I have a UTE touring made in Australia, or what we would call a Phaeton in the US in 1933. I have had it for about 20 years but never put it on the road due to a need for an engine rebuild (slight knock in cyl 6). It came out of a museum in the Phoenix area. I would like to know more about it, think there is one in Australia and two here, don't know of any others. I am older and may have to sell it in the near future, have no idea of a price. It is about as rare as they come. Jeff at 707-829-5087 or jeffowens1x@comcast.net
  3. The primary reason the l931 Chrysler CD-8 (and Imperial CG) transmission is weak is due to a factory design error in which the input shaft is cut off right at the splines and does not extend into the pilot bushing. That causes excessive wear on the front bearing in the transmission. By 1932, for the CP-8, they corrected the error and redesigned the shaft to extend into the pilot bushing solving the excess stress on the front bearing. I have rebuilt two of these transmissions and driven thousands of miles in my roadster and have never experienced an older transmission shift in the same manne
  4. In addition to the dimensions of the CD-8 grille shell being different from the CM model, the CD-8 insert has moveable louvers to allow an increase and decrease of airflow when the engine is running. The CM model has fixed louvers. Earlier I read a comment regarding using the CD-8 4 spd transmission as a form of overdrive, the four speed is a 3 spd with an extra compound low gear, great for steep hills at slow speed and driving in a parade, otherwise fairly useless. The rear end has 4.10 gears and really needs some form of overdrive. I know others have asked about the 1937-39 Mopar 6 c
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