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  1. If you are looking for a great driving tour to stretch the legs on your pre-1920 antique car then you've come to the right place. The 2019 Pathfinders Reliability Run is an 800 mile progressive tour around the Selkirk Mountain Range traveling through three states and one province. General Overview Tour Dates: Saturday June 8th to Sunday June 16th 2019 Location: Rossland B.C. Canada Total Mileage: 800+ miles Type: Progressive, Circle Tour Average Mileage per Day: 135 Miles Vehicle eligibility – Pre 1920 The Route The driv
  2. The Red Rock is a Brass Era progressive tour that’s not listed anywhere publicly. My Wife and I setup a Instagram account: www.instagram.com/steamfins You can see a bunch of photos of our experience so far with the Mercer. We’re about 2000 miles in and counting. Enjoy, Steamfins
  3. I sent you a private message. Yes, the USL Starting system does limit the revs of the motor so it's not ideal for a racing setup. I've read a lot about the brakes being an issue but that's not the case on my car. Both the driveshaft brake and the internal expanding rear wheel brakes are great. I know brake lining material can play a big part in this. The factory driveshaft brake was a known issue because the front u-joint mounts right inside the brake drum and it would spray grease on the brakes basically making them useless. A collection of shields/covers were added
  4. Hi, Working on my Mercer 22-70 and was wondering if anyone had a copy of the manual or wiring diagram for a USL Starter Generator Type E-177 (It's stamped with that model # on the aluminum casting.) I have a Type E-197 Manual but the units appear to be quite different... Any insight is appreciated. Steamfins
  5. Spinneyhill, Good to know that graphite would promote galvanic corrosion. Sfair, That SKF Anti-Fretting compound is interesting. Have you ever used it in this application? Dan
  6. I have a set of 25" Rudge-Whitworth wire wheels on my Mercer and I'm wondering what I should be using for lubricant on the hub splines so they don't seize on? I've heard some people say graphite powder, others have mentioned grease. I'd be interested to know what the correct product is. Thanks, Dan
  7. Does anyone have the modern crossover part numbers for the front wheel bearings on L-Head Mercers? I’m working on a 1915 22-70 but I assume they are all similar. Steamfins
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