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  1. I forgot I had posted about the 2019 tour... Thanks for following along via Instagram! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. It was a fantastic tour. I personally spent 23 days on the road and covered approximately 3,600 miles in the Mercer. If you watch the Pathfinders Website there will be a full article published in the near future.
  2. USL parts are indeed few and far between with many different specific models. I have a Mercer with a functional USL. You can use a more modern regulator and the system will still function correctly. If you're interested in going that route I can provide the details. - Steamfins
  3. If you are looking for a great driving tour to stretch the legs on your pre-1920 antique car then you've come to the right place. The 2019 Pathfinders Reliability Run is an 800 mile progressive tour around the Selkirk Mountain Range traveling through three states and one province. General Overview Tour Dates: Saturday June 8th to Sunday June 16th 2019 Location: Rossland B.C. Canada Total Mileage: 800+ miles Type: Progressive, Circle Tour Average Mileage per Day: 135 Miles Vehicle eligibility – Pre 1920 The Route The drive will start in the small gold rush town of Rossland, British Columbia. A hidden gem tucked high in the Monashee Mountains. We depart east traveling through Trail & Salmo before bearing south and picking up the Pend Oreille River at the base of the Selkirk Mountain Range. A visit to the pristine Lake Sullivan followed by a moderate charge West will bring us to our second nights hotel in Colville, Washington. From Colville, we are heading northeast right into the mountains. After a reasonable climb we will get a glimpse of Priest Lake. Our path then winds its way to our furthest point south and our home for day three, Sandpoint Idaho. This spectacular city is located right on the water of Lake Pend Oreille. The location is so impressive we are spending a second night so everyone can get a spot of rest and do some much needed maintenance on their vehicles. It’s east from Sandpoint along the lake and across the state line into Montana. Leaving the lakes and rivers behind we shift our course back north into the dense Kootenai Forest. We’ll pass some ski hills and a few one-horse towns before being returned to Idaho and the hotel for the night in Bonner’s Ferry. After a nice rest in a place that maintains that forest flavour we are back on the road north into Canada following the opposite side of the Selkirk Mountain Range. Passing through Creston, we pick up the Kootenay Lake for a memorable waterfront drive. The prize at the end of this day is a complimentary Ferry ride from Kootenay Bay to Balfour. Another overnight and we are off on a loop to take in Hwy 31A from New Denver to Kaslo with a quick stop to see some ghost towns from the 1890’s. Overnighting again in Balfour we leave the next morning on our final stretch via Nelson and Castlegar back to our quaint mountain town of Rossland where the adventure all began. This is fantastic touring country with several large mountains climbs coupled with scenic lake/river side driving. If you have a large pre-1920 vehicle and want to get out on the open road then this is the tour you. If you have any specific questions don't hesitate to ask. See you down the road! Dan Findlay steamfins@gmail.com
  4. The Red Rock is a Brass Era progressive tour that’s not listed anywhere publicly. My Wife and I setup a Instagram account: www.instagram.com/steamfins You can see a bunch of photos of our experience so far with the Mercer. We’re about 2000 miles in and counting. Enjoy, Steamfins
  5. I sent you a private message. Yes, the USL Starting system does limit the revs of the motor so it's not ideal for a racing setup. I've read a lot about the brakes being an issue but that's not the case on my car. Both the driveshaft brake and the internal expanding rear wheel brakes are great. I know brake lining material can play a big part in this. The factory driveshaft brake was a known issue because the front u-joint mounts right inside the brake drum and it would spray grease on the brakes basically making them useless. A collection of shields/covers were added to my car sometime ago to prevent this from happening. Appreciate the help. Steamfins
  6. Hi, Working on my Mercer 22-70 and was wondering if anyone had a copy of the manual or wiring diagram for a USL Starter Generator Type E-177 (It's stamped with that model # on the aluminum casting.) I have a Type E-197 Manual but the units appear to be quite different... Any insight is appreciated. Steamfins
  7. Spinneyhill, Good to know that graphite would promote galvanic corrosion. Sfair, That SKF Anti-Fretting compound is interesting. Have you ever used it in this application? Dan
  8. I have a set of 25" Rudge-Whitworth wire wheels on my Mercer and I'm wondering what I should be using for lubricant on the hub splines so they don't seize on? I've heard some people say graphite powder, others have mentioned grease. I'd be interested to know what the correct product is. Thanks, Dan
  9. Does anyone have the modern crossover part numbers for the front wheel bearings on L-Head Mercers? I’m working on a 1915 22-70 but I assume they are all similar. Steamfins
  10. Thanks for all the replies. Could someone PM me John's contact information? Wayne, Thank you for the clarification. Correct terminology is important to avoid confusion. I did some searching on this forum and came up with another fellow named Deafy from Australian Hood Irons. Anyone had experience dealing with him? Dan
  11. Are there any companies that specialize in manufacturing top irons(metal sockets) for brass era vehicles? The car in question has a one man top and the top irons will most likely need to be made from a set drawings. Any info is appreciated. Dan
  12. Looking for a set of top sockets & bows for my 1915 Mercer 22-70 Sporting in any condition. Not to concerned about the year of Mercer as the tops were similar and the bows can be modified to fit the specific dimensions of my vehicle. Will also need the hardware for attaching the top to the windscreen. If anyone has made patterns I could work off of those to have a set built. Any assistance is appreciated. Regards, Dan
  13. Wow, that's fantastic. What book did you find that information in? Looking at the diagram I can't seem to figure out the purpose of the centre button. It seems to be connected to the starter but that is operated by a foot pedal. Must be a lock out... Thanks for the info!! Dan
  14. The switch is on a 1915 Mercer 22-70. I can get you a pic of the back but it's just a sea of terminals. I quickly figured out the wiring of the four small push buttons I'm just not clear on the wiring of the large center button. Dan
  15. Looking for the wiring diagram or sales literature for this Lock All Switch manufactured by The H-P-B Electric Co. New York. Working on fixing some wiring issues and would like to understand all the terminals on the back. Any information would be appreciated. Dan
  16. Thanks for the input. I'll probably leave the carb alone for now. Without any documentation I think random adjustments may cause more problems than good. Dan
  17. I’m currently working on my 1915 Mercer 22-70 Touring and I’m looking for any information on a Zenith HN8D Carburetor. It seems to load up and get rich when left at idle for any extended period of time. Much Appreciated. Dan
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