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  1. I had another lad call yesterday asking about Northern Hotel options... Pine Grove area (exit 100 on 81 North) Lebanon area (exit 90 on 81 North) Just some ideas!
  2. I've also suggested to a few people that have called in to search North on 81 as well (I am from that area). It is cheaper and about a half hour drive as well - traffic is almost never an issue as well because more traffic comes in from the South.
  3. Visit for information on where to stay and other things to do during Fall Meet!
  4. @ThunderVette We have a list here at National HQ that would have your name on it- if you have a chance to give us a call at 717-534-1910 we can check for you. Depending on when you mailed your registration to Mike Jones, it might not be listed on that list yet. Example: If your check hasn't been cashed yet. It does take a few days to complete the process. Thanks!
  5. Also: For those of you who sent in Activity Request Forms for this Meet, they will be mailed as soon as we get them from the printer- they will all be mailed out the same day. Thank you and we appreciate your patience, Kristin
  6. The following meets are now open online ( for paid members to register: Winter Meet – Mobile, AL Southeast Spring – Charlotte, NC Western Spring – Tucson, AZ For those of you who sent in Meet Requests for the above meets, Registration forms and brochures will be mailed to you shortly. Thank you!
  7. Nothing beats AACA membership!
  8. Mike, The best way to get in touch with the Hershey Region right now is to email them at as posters and the aerial photos are a Region specific item and it is not something that we carry here at National HQ. Thanks! Best of luck, Kristin