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  1. I am trying to figure where I can find the right part for my Mercury. I already ordered a new drum from Rockauto by searching with the right model/make/year and they send me the part but it does not fit! The part they send me has bolt pattern 5*4.5 but I measured my car has 5*5 bolt pattern. Rockauto must have a wrong data in their database for this car. The drum they send me is pronto BD8200 and as I said it does not fit. Or then the brakes in my car are not original, but I doubt that. To my surprise Summit has exactly the same misinformation as they would also want to send me a part with bolt pattern of 5*4.5. The part they have is brand Raybestos. https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/agb-2620r/overview/year/1959/make/mercury/model/monterey Mercury part number is probably MG 1125B. I am really having a hard time to find the right part anywhere. Based on the measurements the drum is 11 inches, 3 inches wide(maybe?) and should have a bolt pattern of 5*5. Any help to find the right part much appreciated.
  2. I am soon to be an owner of 1959 Mercury Monterey 312 with automatic transmission and planning for maintenance. Car has original 80 000 miles on it and transmission has not been rebuilt. - I am trying to figure out what transmission my car has, I believe it is FX or MX? - what transmission oil should I use, type F or dexron II, or something else? - how much oil is needed, when changing the oil? - does the transmission have a washable filter? Thanks for help.
  3. Hi all, Thinking of buying this and export it to Finland for a mild lowrider project. Not looking for something to be restored but to make a mean low budget custom. This one needs at least a paint job, anything else I should expect? I have contact in the states who could go and see this car for me before buying it. Would like to hear what Buick enthusiasts think, so thoughts and opinions highly appreciated! https://stockton.craigslist.org/cto/6053271082.html
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