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  1. Well, since the fridge has both doors and a working motor....I see us all in a similar realm. Comes with original ice cube trays and glass rectangular dish.
  2. Hello all.....Does the phrase " discuss anything Crosley here" include refrigerators? Anxiously awaiting, Kimberly ?
  3. Carl, you are a gem of the first water. No need to forward it to a different room. The information you provided was enough for me. I recently found myself surrounded by a sea of antiques and farm implements. Luckily, I love fact finding missions. Just not cars. Tried to find the button to open the gas hatch on an old Jeep. Looked in the darn thing for 45 minutes! Silly me, you open it yourself! I will stick to cows, chickens and auction junk boxes! Will return I'm sure with more gadgets! Thanks again.?
  4. To whom it may concern, After painstakingly creating an account and trying to answer the security question of who made Thunderbird and model t, I am beseeching you all to help me identify the picture attached. I came across this thing, and can only find that it may belong to a car? Model T, I guess? Shall I return it to the barn? ? Your quiet smirks are understood. Thanks! Kimberly