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  1. I used pipe hangers I got from ACE hardware. I put the half circle end on the light Bar and attached the plate to the hanger. They are not visible like those plate hangers everyone uses. They look like a "P" but open so you can put it on the light bar. it's not fastened to the light bar, only the plate. The end of the hanger is mounted hole end up. I think they might be for 3/4 inch pipe or maybe 1/2." There only about $1.00 each or a couple dollars for a pair.
  2. Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for the headlight lense. Oldcarlenses has one but it will take 2 weeks to get it. I would still like a couple of spares so if you find one let me know.
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    1938 Buick Special 40
  4. I need a glass headlight lens for my 1938 Buick Special 40. I was replacing the bulb and dropped it. I'm so upset. Call me at (925) 285-7808 or email me at jfkulegal@yahoo.com. Thank you. I don't think it matters which side. The one I dropped and the other one don't say left or right. It was mad by Guide Lamps.
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