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  1. Clouddriver

    Brake resurface

    I recently pulled the wheels off my 1930 REO Flying Cloud, and there some big chunks of the brake shoes, but all the metal and springs look good, I have heard of places that will redo the shoes and mold to the metal anyone have a good reputable place that does this? I am in CA. The shoes are marked Lockheed patent pending thanks, CD
  2. I read an article that u can send them any mount and get the rubber done, if that’s all u need. Their list has odd balls maybe they will save your mold for us Other REO Guys.
  3. interested in this car not sure if its a good deal but sounds to be a good start. Thoughts from the Forum appreciated.
  4. Price is up there, but came across this morning.
  5. Not mine but looks like a fun project, sadly I have too many. It has been up on ebay a few times now. Really hope someone puts another back on the road.
  6. Looks the same as my engine in my 1930 Flying Cloud
  7. Looks like its at a good starting point, good luck bringing back all its beauty.
  8. This set screw held the ignition switch in, drives the cam in the cable to the lockout. Seeing it apart this may not have been my electrical problem as the key was turning, so it should have been completing the circuit.
  9. I only pried off the cover cap, not the ignition from the cable was hoping for insight before I did. I originally thought it was like a model A pop out cable but after looking into it a bit, seems like a transmission lock, no idea if or how it works. My only true indication the switch itself was working before compared to now is hearing the electric fuel pump and the guages popping to life.
  10. Looks like it is threaded up to the transmission. It's little tight to get some channel locks around and anchored every couple feet with screws and clamps. Want to avoid having to route it back or the locksmith needing it off regardless.
  11. Just introducing my new ride! I'm sure I will have plenty of questions in the technical forum.
  12. Just got this new ride 1930 REO Flying Cloud, was running when I got it. Trying to start after sitting a month had no spark, changed cool and almost had it going then the tumbler inside the ignition switch stopped working, found a locksmith that can rebuild but I can't get it off of the cable that attaches to the back. I got the clip on the end off but it just spins anyone know how to get this apart? Thanks in advance